At-Home Ozone IV Therapy

We provide Ozone IV treatments that support the body’s immune system and combat viruses and diseases, all in the comfort of home.
nurse preparing an IV bag for an at-home patient

How Ozone IV Therapy Works

Ozone therapy utilizes a combination of pure, medical-grade ozone (O3) mixed with the patient’s blood to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanism to treat a variety of health issues. Treatments are administered intravenously so that they can go to work immediately.

Ozone IV therapy can help:

  • Activate the immune system to fight off viruses and disease
  • Deactivate bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens
  • Increase oxygen metabolism
  • Increase the body’s antioxidant capacity
  • Stimulate mitochondrial energy production to combat degenerative diseases
  • Release growth factors that can help regenerate damaged joints

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects of Ozone IV Therapy?

Side effects from IV Ozone therapy are rare; a German study on 384,775 patients evaluating the adverse side effects of over five million medically-administered ozone treatments found that the rate of adverse side effects was only 0.0007 per application.

However, there are some mild side effects, including mild headache and/or lightheadedness, transient hypoglycemic (low blood sugar), increased or decreased energy, increased mental clarity, shortness of breath, blood vessel swelling, and heart problems.

What is in an Ozone IV Treatment?

IV Ozone treatments involve administering small amounts of ozone gas to blood outside of the body and re-infusion the mixture (Major Autohemotherapy). Our ozone therapies do not involve the direct injunction of ozone gas into a vein.

Major Autohemotherapy has been used by licensed physicians in Germany since the early 1960’s and has been studied for numerous conditions. For more information please see: pmc / articles / PMC3312702 /

How are treatments administered?

Ozone IV treatments are also known as Major Autohemotherapy or MAH. This procedure involves:

    1. Assessing the patient’s vitals
    2. Inserting a IV catheter using a sterile technique
    3. Administering an anticoagulant
    4. Drawing the patients blood,
    5. Inserting the blood into a bag of saline
    6. Adding ozone gas to the blood and saline
    7. Mixing the solution and infusing mixture back into the body

How long do treatments take and how long do they last?

  1. IV ozone therapy, or Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) treatments, typically take around 45 minutes from start to finish. 
  2. The benefits of ozone therapy vary from individual to individual. Studies suggest ozone treatment can improve antioxidant capacity and oxygen utilization. These effects typically take 2 weeks to reach maximum effect.

Where do we administer the treatment?

In order to preserve the safety and comfort of our patients, we offer this treatment in a house call setting.

Is Ozone IV Therapy FDA approved?

  1. Ozone therapy is not currently FDA approved for the treatment of any specific condition. Ozone treatments can be considered a complement to other therapies. You and your healthcare provider should determine what other therapies are necessary for the treatment of your medical conditions.
  2. Alternatives to this therapy include:
    • Various pharmaceuticals, while not a direct substitute, would potentially include antimicrobials, NSAIDs, pain medications including narcotics, and immune stimulators.
    • IV therapies without ozone. 

Who cannot get Ozone IV Treatments?

Ozone therapy is very safe for most individuals. Patients on blood thinners may not be suitable candidates for therapy. Patients with a rare enzyme deficiency (Glucose-6 Phosphatase Dehydrogenase G6PD) may experience shortness of breath and an increase in liver enzymes due to blood cell breakdown. Although it is not necessary to screen every patient for this deficiency, patients should contact the office if they experience any negative side effects after treatment.

Where can treatments be administered?

IV ozone therapy can be administered anywhere that there is access to electricity. Our medical ozone generators apply electricity to a quartz crystal; when ozone medical oxygen passes by the crystal, ozone is generated.

Are there alternative to Ozone Therapy?

Alternatives to Ozone therapy/Major Autohemotherapy Include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Various Pharmaceuticals, while not a direct substitute, would potentially include antimicrobials, NSAIDs, pain medications including narcotics, and immune stimulators.
    2. IV therapies without ozone.