5 Ways On-Site Concierge IV Therapy Can Elevate Your Corporate Event in Los Angeles

Many corporations offer unique, fun treats for their employees at corporate events, but few offer concierge IV therapy in Los Angeles. IV therapy for corporate events provide a health-conscious, unique experience that will leave a lasting impression on employees and clients alike.

concierge iv nutritionCorporate events are a great way to gather the staff together outside of the office so that everyone can mingle and get to know each other. It’s a great networking event, especially if you have clients from out of town. Many corporate events offer unique events to treat their employees to a great night, but few offer concierge IV therapy in Los Angeles. Here are five reasons IV therapy for corporate events is perfect for your next company gathering.

On-Site Concierge IV Drips Can Really Spice Up a Corporate Event – Here’s How

If you’re planning a big corporate event this summer, you may be looking for a unique, memorable experience to include for your guests. Here are five of our favorite ways on-site concierge IV therapy can elevate your next corporate party.

1. Show Your Employees You Care

At its most basic purpose, IV therapy is designed to deliver a supercharged boost of vitamins and hydration directly into the bloodstream. These vitamins provide a wide range of health and immune support, giving patients a quick dose of vitamins so they’ll feel their best. Show your employees you care about their wellbeing by treating them to a session of IV vitamin therapy.

2. Drinking & Hangover Cures

Most corporate events have bar service while the party is underway. Whether or not your event has an open bar, having an on-site recovery room with our Hangover IV is a great way to ensure that no one on your staff wakes up with a hangover the next day. This IV can prevent drunk driving in addition to the unwanted symptoms of hangovers.

On top of that, IV Hydration can help your staff stay healthy and safe, especially if you’re hosting an outdoor summer picnic or party in the sun. It’s easy to get dehydrated when having fun, so a quick boost of hydration can prevent the headaches, fatigue, and malaise that comes with not drinking enough water.

concierge iv hydration3. Promote Your Business

Whether you’re in IT, real estate, marketing, or another industry, you can easily promote your business by providing the unique offering of IV therapy during your corporate party. Mobile IV therapy isn’t something prospective customers are about to forget, so you’ll absolutely leave an impression. We can make arrangements to have branded logos on the IV bags to help reinforce your branding.

4. Impress Your Clients

On-site IV therapy for corporate events is a unique and health-minded way of promoting your company. What better way to impress the clients you have in attendance than by showing how forward-thinking you are?

Mobile IV therapy is not just great for helping your staff feel great, your clients will leave feeling healthier, too – or at the very least, not hungover!

concierge iv therapy5. Create a Memorable Experience

Hollywood celebrities tout the benefits of IV therapy on the regular. Now your staff and your clients can experience this fast, health-boosting treatment for themselves. They’ll be talking for months about this unique aspect of your corporate event mobile IV therapy, and be excited for your next big event.

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