The Easiest Way To Get An At-Home Covid Test In NJ

If you need an at home Covid test in NJ, you probably want answers as fast and conveniently as possible. Read on for more information on the easiest way to get tested.

Understanding your test options

When choosing a Covid-19 test, it’s important to understand the differences so that you can choose the test that works best for you.

  • RT-PCR: This test is the most accurate and is the most commonly used test at public health sites and healthcare providers. Unfortunately, its accuracy comes at the price of speed, as this test requires lab processing. The average turnaround time for RT-PCR tests is 48-72 hours.
  • Rapid Antigen: The rapid antigen test can return results in 10-15 minutes, no lab processing required. Its speed makes it ideal for mass testing scenarios, hence why more employers and event venues are embracing it as a screening tool. However, it is less accurate than the RT-PCR with a 1 in 5 false negative rate.
  • Rapid Accula PCR: The Accula test delivers the accuracy of the RT-PCR test in just 30 minutes, combining the best of both worlds. This test is ideal for someone in a situation where accuracy really counts, i.e. if you’ve been exposed to someone with a confirmed case, or if you are ensuring you don’t spread the virus to a vulnerable loved one.

How can I get an at home Covid test in NJ?

Some NJ counties are offering at-home testing services for people with medical conditions or limited mobility. Others have partnered with telehealth services to offer medical guidance along with the test.

In both cases, the tests are delivered to you to self-administer the test, and then mail the sample back in for processing. Having to mail the test yourself defeats the purpose of staying home. Your results may also not be available for several days.

If you want to get tested at home and get same-day results, consider choosing a mobile testing service like Drip Hydration.


Drip Hydration Can Bring Testing To You

If you need to get tested for Covid-19, contact Drip Hydration. With as little as 24 hours notice, you can book an appointment for one of our Registered Nurses to visit your home to administer Covid-19 tests to you and your family, regardless of age.

Once test results have been processed, our experts can guide you on how to keep your household safe and healthy if someone tests positive. We offer group discounts, and PPO insurance holders may be eligible for partial reimbursement! We’re ready to help – call or click the button below to make an appointment today!