Can You Get At Home NAD Treatments in Seattle?

The short answer is yes! You can get at-home NAD treatments in Seattle. You have the choice of either at-home IV NAD treatments or at-home injection NAD treatments. Below we will discuss the differences and why you should get an at-home NAD treatment.

Why You Should do NAD Treatments

NAD or Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (good luck pronouncing that one) is a natural coenzyme that your body produces. It has countless benefits, but a few include helping muscle tone, muscle function, healthy cell growth, and reversing tissue damage. So taking NAD treatments can help slow the aging process, boost energy levels, improve mental clarity, etc.

What are the Differences Between IV NAD Treatment vs. NAD Injections?

Studies show that IV NAD treatments are highly effective. Some would even say the most effective. IV NAD treatments result in a 100% absorption rate meaning all of the good stuff gets into your body. NAD at-home injections are slightly less effective because the absorption rate of every human is different, so when injected, your body may not absorb all of it.

Should you get at-home IV or at-home Injection NAD Treatment?

You should get an at-home IV NAD Treatment in Seattle if… you want the most effective NAD Treatment. Many doctors state that the IV NAD treatments are the most effective. You would also want an IV NAD Treatment if you were okay with traveling to a mobile IV Treatment place. While your options may be more limited for getting an at-home NAD IV, Drip Hydration offers this service for our clients, so you get all of the benefits of a NAD IV and don’t even have to get in the car.

You should get at-home injection NAD Treatments in Seattle if… you want the benefits of NAD but don’t want to interact with anybody else. You will have to wait for your shipment to arrive, and once it comes, you’ll have to complete the injections yourself. Instead, call Drip Hydration to see how we can help you receive the benefits of treatment without the drawbacks.

Options for NAD Treatments

There are a few options for you now that you can choose which option you would like. Drip Hydration is an excellent option for the Seattle area and around for NAD treatments. Many online options can send products directly to your door. It comes down to how much you would like to pay and the option you would like to do. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

Contact Us Today To Schedule Your NAD Therapy Treatment

NAD plays a significant role in how your brain functions, how well you age, how well you maintain your energy levels, and how well you can focus. Although NAD levels decrease over time, you can replenish normal levels with IV treatments.

NAD IV therapy can come with a sizable cost, but in-home treatments can be valuable for health and wellness benefits as well as time. Contact us today to schedule your NAD therapy treatment. We look forward to working with you to help you feel your best!