8 Benefits Of Onsite Covid-19 Testing For Your Business

Whether you’re an essential or nonessential business, keeping your staff healthy is a priority during the Covid-19 pandemic. Screening and having your employees get tested on their own time are helpful up to a point, but onsite testing makes the process both streamlined and efficient. Here are eight benefits of onsite Covid-19 testing for your business, and how they can help you keep your staff and customers safe during the pandemic.

1. You don’t have to perform onsite testing yourself

Some businesses opt to purchase DIY Covid-19 testing kits, distribute them to their employees, and have them self-administer the test. This still means you have to draw up the paperwork and consent forms, order and distribute the kits, and collect and package them for mailing.

Drip Hydration takes care of administering and processing the tests so you don’t have to. We also provide professional medical guidance in case someone on staff does test positive.

2. You can avoid making mistakes in employee Covid-19 testing protocols

If you’re considering DIY Covid-19 testing for your staff, you may have discovered that the process isn’t as straightforward as purchasing and distributing the kits. There are rules and regulations about what can and can’t be done, asked, or disclosed.

One of the biggest benefits of onsite Covid-19 testing for your business is that you can save yourself the time and hassle of such research. A private testing service such as Drip Hydration takes the guesswork out of such protocols. We’re well-versed in local laws, restrictions, and privacy regulations. We’ll help make sure that onsite testing for your business adheres to state and federal guidelines.

3. You can make sure everyone gets tested

Some companies opt to have their employees self-certify that they have been tested and are Covid-free. This strategy can work as long as everyone gets tested – and, of course, reports their results accurately. Unfortunately, some employees may mis-report their test results for fear of losing hours. Some may not get tested at all, whether by choice or due to shortages or long lines at testing centers.
Onsite testing circumvents the problems of self-reporting and streamlines the testing process to keep your staff and customers safe.

4. You can get accurate results in 30 minutes or less

Prompt onsite results means you can quickly identify and isolate anyone who has been infected – or in touch with the person who is infected – to prevent the virus from spreading among your staff. Drip Hydration offers several testing options, including two that can be processed onsite for answers within half an hour.

5. Businesses can reduce the chance of interrupted service

Testing – whether onsite or otherwise – effectively acts as an early warning system to catch an active case of Covid-19 early, before it spreads among your staff and potentially forcing days-long closures. You can make adjustments to schedules and inform those who were in contact with the sick employee or employees.

6. You can reduce the chance that off site employees bring Covid-19 into your workplace

If your business has employees that regularly work off site – whether out of town, to see clients, or for deliveries – regular onsite testing can help make sure they don’t accidentally bring Covid-19 back to your workplace.

7. You can book discounted ongoing testing as part of a workplace health campaign

Ongoing testing is the most effective way to keep your workplace Covid-free, but you may be concerned about the cost. In fact, this type of service isn’t as expensive as you think.

Drip Hydration offers discounted testing for businesses for ongoing tests. We’ll help your business operate as safely as possible during the pandemic – without breaking the bank.

8. It’s easy to book onsite testing for your staff

Booking onsite testing for your staff is as easy as a phone call consultation. We work with you to develop a custom testing plan for your business, whether you need one-time testing or you’re planning to integrate ongoing tests into a larger workplace health campaign.


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Experience The Benefits of Onsite Covid-19 Testing With Drip Hydration

Drip Hydration brings the benefits of onsite Covid-19 testing for your business directly to your workplace. We can help you navigate the sometimes-complicated process of ensuring you’re adhering to all local guidelines, respecting employee rights, and filing all the right paperwork.

Our process is simple and minimally disruptive to your daily business operations. Our team of registered nurses will set up a dedicated testing area onsite and administer tests to all participating staff. Depending on the type of test you choose, results can be available within as little as 15 minutes. If someone on staff does test positive, we’ll provide guidance as to your next steps.

Contact us today and let us help you keep your business running and Covid-19 free.