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5 Benefits Of In-Home Covid-19 Testing For Families With Children

Children may be less susceptible to getting Covid-19 than the elderly, but they can still catch the virus and get sick. It’s just as important for children as it is for adults to get tested for the virus if they’ve been exposed to someone who has an active case. Before you make an appointment at a testing center, though, let’s talk about the benefits of in-home Covid-19 testing for families with young children.

1. Your child can be tested

This may sound strange, but, in fact, some testing centers cannot test young children due to red tape and age restrictions. Instead of driving out of your way to go to a testing location that can test your child for Covid-19, you can instead have your child’s test brought directly to you.

2. Tests are fast and minimally disruptive

When your test is brought directly to you, you don’t have to worry about keeping your child entertained while waiting in lines at testing centers.

The Covid-19 test itself only takes a couple of minutes and is minimally disruptive to your day. An experienced registered nurse comes to you on your schedule, which is especially valuable if you’re working from home and have children in remote learning classes.

Depending on which test you choose, you can have results in as little as 15 minutes.

Learn more about your testing options:

3. At-home tests are less stressful and scary for young children

Covid-19 is already frightening enough for young children, and getting tested at a clinic or at a drive-through center can be very stressful for them. At-home tests take place in a comfortable, familiar environment for a safe, positive experience for everyone.

4. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of DIY kits

DIY Covid-19 tests are another way you can test your child at home. While convenient, the benefits of in-home Covid-19 testing with a professional service outweigh any DIY kit.

First and foremost, you don’t have to administer the test yourself. You don’t have to worry that you took a sample correctly, pack it up and send it to the laboratory indicated by your kit, or do internet research to find out what to do next if your child does test positive. There are currently no DIY kits that give same-day answers, so you’ll also have to wait as many as 3 business days for your child’s result.

With an in-home service, you can rest assured that the test has been performed correctly and receive medical guidance if your child has Covid-19.

5. You can get the entire family tested without leaving home

Instead of packing the family into the car and potentially waiting hours in line to get screened, you can get tested at home. You can keep your family and those around you safe by minimizing the chance of accidental exposure to viruses – whether it’s Covid-19 or the flu.

We offer progressive discounts for families up to five people.

How do you know when your child should get tested?

The CDC has published recommendations on how to know when to get tested, which we’ve summarized here:

  • If they have been exposed to someone who has an active case of Covid-19, even if they are not showing symptoms
  • When they are showing symptoms of Covid-19
  • If their pediatrician has recommended that they get tested for any reason
  • If they have recently been in a high-risk situation, such as playing sports, traveling, attending a large gathering, or spending more than 15 minutes among people who did not wear face masks or socially distance


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