The Hidden Benefits Of In-Home COVID Testing You Haven’t Thought About

In-home COVID-19 testing is as safe as it is convenient. You can receive fast results without having to disrupt your schedule, as well as avoid potential exposure to the virus at community or drive-in testing centers. How else can in-home testing help you? Here are some of the hidden benefits of in-home COVID-19 testing you may not have thought about.

The Hidden Benefits Of At-Home Testing You Haven’t Thought About

  • Fast answers before and after you travel: Travel knowing that you’re healthy by getting a test either before or after you arrive at your destination. Prevent the spread of COVID-19 by knowing when to quarantine if you’re sick, and avoid bringing home the virus if you catch it in transit. – What is the easiest way to get a rapid COVID test before traveling?
  • A better experience for your child: The nasal swab test can be uncomfortable for young children. In-home testing means that the test is done in a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment, so your child will be less stressed and worried during their test. – How to get a rapid COVID test for your kid?
  • Privacy: In-home testing is private and discreet, which is ideal for high-profile individuals or celebrities who want to get tested without leaving their homes.
  • Mobility/accessibility considerations: Since you don’t have to go anywhere, in-home testing is ideal for anyone who has transportation issues or mobility/accessibility considerations.

What about DIY in-home COVID test kits?

DIY COVID-19 test kits are another way to get tested without having to leave your home. These types of kits come with the instructions, equipment, and packaging you need in order to self-administer your test and send it to a lab for processing.

You can still get many of the same benefits as an in-home testing service. However, an in-home service does have some advantages. These services are performed by a medical professional so that you can rest assured that your test has been performed correctly. Your nurse saves you time and hassle by taking care of shipping and handling so you don’t have to. Your nurse will also consult with you to explain the results of your test and offer recommendations as to your next steps if your test does come back positive.

What Types Of COVID -19 Tests Can You Get In Your Home?

There are two types of tests that can detect an active COVID-19 infection, both of which can be administered by a medical professional in your home.


  • The RT-PCR test is the most common type of COVID-19 test. It’s also the most accurate, meaning that you’re less likely to receive a false positive or false negative result.
  • The RT-PCR test analyses fluids that are collected from the back of your sinus cavity for genetic material belonging to the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus.
  • This test is administered as a nasal swab, and your sample must be sent to a lab for processing.
  • Your results typically return within 3 business days.

Antigen (also called ‘rapid test’)

  • The antigen test analyses a sample of fluids collected from either your sinus cavity or your throat for certain proteins located on the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus.
  • This test is administered as either a nasal swab or a throat swab.
  • Your test can be processed immediately, with results typically available within 15 minutes.
  • The rapid test has a slightly higher rate of false negatives than the RT-PCR test.

Are COVID-19 at-home tests accurate?

Yes, COVID-19 at-home tests are accurate, although it’s important to know that the accuracy does vary slightly depending on the type of test. The exact accuracy stats depend on the test itself and which lab manufactured it. We recommend that you visit the manufacturer’s website or contact them for further information.

  • RT-PCR is the most accurate test for an active infection of COVID-19.
  • Although the antigen test is highly accurate, it does have a higher rate of returning incorrect results than the RT-PCR.
  • When it comes to detecting an active infection, the antibody test should not be used as this test is NOT designed for this purpose.

How long do lab results take?

The wait time for your lab results vary depending on the type of test you get.

  • The RT-PCR and antibody tests must be sent to a lab for processing and typically take 3 business days for results.
  • The rapid antigen test can be processed onsite and typically returns results in 15 minutes.

Are in-home tests private?

Yes, in-home tests are private. Your nurse comes to your home, and the entire appointment takes place at your residence.

How much does in-home COVID-19 testing cost?

The costs of in-home COVID-19 testing vary depending on the service you use.

Are in-home tests covered by insurance?

Although your health provider must cover the cost of COVID-19 testing from drive-in centers, clinics, and hospitals, in-home tests may not be covered by insurance. Check with the service you plan to use, as well as your healthcare provider.

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