What’s the Best Way to Get Wedding Guests Tested for COVID in Boston?

Are you looking to get COVID testing for a wedding in Boston? The COVID 19 pandemic has changed how we plan and attend large gatherings, including weddings. Couples want to celebrate with their friends and family, but the pandemic has made wedding planning difficult on many levels.

All couples want to invite their closest family without having them worry about contracting the virus. You can take steps to ensure your guests and vendors will feel safe and comfortable attending your wedding.

Social distancing, wearing masks, having hand sanitizer readily available, and asking for a negative COVID test result are excellent safety protocols to have in place at your event.

Benefits of COVID Tests for Weddings

Offering COVID tests at your wedding can put a lot of guests at ease. They can have fun and enjoy the day knowing your guests all had negative test results before coming into the event. As the bride and groom, you can ask your guests to purchase DIY test kits and take the test before leaving their homes.

The bride and groom can also arrange to have a mobile testing company set up at their event and test guests at their convenience.

How On-Site Testing Works

A mobile testing company will come to your wedding and set it up in the parking lot or your chosen place. They can handle over 100 tests and can provide accurate, fast results.

Drip Hydration Mobile IV Therapy is a company that specializes in onsite COVID testing. They understand how important it is for your wedding guests to feel comfortable and safe attending your special day.

Don’t hesitate to call Drip Hydration today and schedule COVID testing for a wedding in Boston.

Onsite Testing For Your Wedding During Covid-19 in Boston

Having a wedding during a pandemic is a challenge, but you can keep your guests safe by planning ahead and getting Covid-19 tests.

Drip Hydration provides onsite testing for weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties in Boston. Our registered nurses can quickly test all guests and provide results within 30 minutes so you can rest assured that all of your wedding is Covid-free. If someone does test positive, our nurses can provide medical guidance as to your next steps.

Book a consultation with the button below or by giving us a call. We will help ensure that your big day is a celebration to remember.