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How to Get Biotin IV Therapy in Portland

As we age, our body needs more nutrients, and we start noticing things like how our skin, hair, and nails look. While we could take over-the-counter supplements to deal with the decline in nutrients, our body doesn’t store much from these supplements, so we hardly see any effect.

There is a better option, though, at-home Biotin IV therapy. This allows you to get one of the most vital nutrients your body needs to be delivered into your body quickly and efficiently in the privacy of your own home. 

What is biotin?

Biotin is a mineral that your body uses to help break down carbohydrates, amino acids, and fats, the building blocks of protein. Your body needs this to promote new cell growth. In particular, it is responsible for the growth of new hair and skin cells and the growth of fingernails.

It is found in most B vitamins and in many products that we buy, but because it is water-soluble, the body does not store it, and as it declines, we notice a difference in our body.

How an at-home IV works

When you opt for an at-home IV treatment, you can get a blend of vitamins and minerals sent directly into your bloodstream for fast absorption.

IV treatments allow you to customize them to your needs, so you can add biotin to any type of treatment that you want to get the added benefits. 

In-Home Vitamin B12 IVs And Shots

Boost low energy levels and mood fast with Vitamin B12 treatments. This vitamin is included in many of our IV formulas and can be included as an add-on shot with any treatment. Save time and let one of our nurses bring your appointment to you.

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