How To Organize A Board Meeting During Covid In Dallas

As businesses begin to reopen and request their employees return to the office, the Delta variant of Covid-19 holds many plans in jeopardy. For the last year, hosting a board meeting during Covid in Dallas has meant most events have been held remotely or entirely canceled. The vaccine has encouraged many organizations to meet in person to discuss critical issues that have been put on hold for more than a year. There are several ways to help increase the safety of meetings so that your business can prepare for a booming 2021 and beyond.

Safely hosting a board meeting during Covid in Dallas

Here are some of our top tips for holding your in-person meetings while still maintaining safety precautions.

Consider your venue

While many board meetings have been held remotely through Covid, you may immediately think about going back to the same area that you have always met if you’re looking to meet in person. Take some time to think about the possibility of using this venue or the benefits of changing locations. If you can hold your board meeting in an outdoor setting, it may help to reduce potential spread.

However, even indoor sessions can be specifically tailored for your board members. Be sure that board members can utilize the area to maintain social distancing. If a site isn’t large enough to accommodate social distancing, a new arena might be the best solution. It’s important to make sure that your venue of choice is well ventilated and that the HVAC system has been cleaned and is in good working condition.

Practice increased cleaning and sanitation

Fortunately, most businesses and cleaning agencies are no longer strangers to providing higher levels of sanitation to eliminate Covid. This routine includes cleaning nightly and between sessions.

Additionally, rather than have a common drink, food, and snack area, consider pre-packaged drinks and foods to help eliminate the potential for contamination and touch between members.

Utilize rapid onsite testing

One of the most effective ways to ensure your board meeting during Covid in Dallas is safe is to have each board member and guest tested before they enter the venue. This can help prevent Covid from entering the meeting, whether or not the individual has symptoms.

At Drip Hydration, we offer rapid mobile testing. That means that we can come to your location and test guests in advance of the meeting. With results in as little as 15 minutes, your board members can feel confident that they’ll be able to conduct business without distractions.

Onsite Covid Tests For Businesses With Drip Hydration

As a hub of major businesses, board meetings are popping up more frequently in the Dallas area. However, because Covid isn’t gone and many regions are being hit hard by new variants, it is critical to ensure that your board members are screened and protected from potential infection.

Let Drip Hydration bring onsite tests to your Dallas-area office. We take care of all aspects of testing and reporting so you can stay focused on your business operations.