Can IV Sedation Go Wrong During a Dentistry Procedure?

The need for dental work can be a stressful situation. Having tooth pain or discomfort is frustrating in itself, and you may even be facing a costly procedure. However, it is most important that any dental issues get taken care of quickly before it becomes a serious problem. If you’re getting ready to have an invasive procedure that requires IV sedation, you may be wondering how safe it will be. Today, we will break down everything you need to know about IV sedation during a dentistry procedure.

When are People Sedated During Dentistry Procedures?

There are a couple of different dental procedures that may require IV sedation. Generally, IV sedation is used during a dental procedure anytime it is an invasive or surgical procedure. Your dentist may choose to use oral sedation, laughing gas, or IV sedation. IV sedation is typically used for more invasive procedures such as wisdom tooth removal. IV sedation involves the administration of medication through an IV that will cause sedation, this may cause patients to lose consciousness, or you may remain awake and just become unaware of the procedure.

Can IV sedation during a dentistry procedure go wrong?

Ultimately, IV sedation during a dentistry procedure is safe, but there are always risks involved. Some patients may experience increased drowsiness after the procedure. Also, every patient will respond a little differently to IV sedation. Some will only need a small amount of the medication, while others may require a higher dose.

Are there alternatives to sedation?

There are alternatives to IV sedation, such as oral sedation and laughing gas or nitrous oxide. Most of the time, oral sedation will simply involve an anxiety medication to help calm the nerves in patients who are particularly concerned about the dentist. Laughing gas or nitrous oxide is an inhalable drug that is very popular and considered one of the safest options. Your dentist is a highly skilled professional who will likely choose the best option for you based on the procedure, your age, and your weight.

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