Can NAD+ IV Therapy Improve Your Cellular Respiration?

The human body is a remarkable specimen that fulfills thousands of functions without you even knowing about it. The number of autonomic functions that occur while sleeping, eating, breathing, or working out is extraordinary.

There are a number of enzymes and components in your body, such as NAD+, that aid in these processes, including cellular respiration. Unfortunately, there are times when your body doesn’t produce enough enzymes to fulfill these functions. This has people wondering if NAD+ IV therapy can improve your cellular respiration and other vital functions.

What is Cellular Respiration, and Why is it Important?

Cellular respiration is vital to humans, animals, and other living things. The entire process is a lengthy one, but cellular respiration is essentially the process of breaking down food molecules to convert them into energy. This process occurs in each cell of the human body, and oxygen is typically used to aid in the cellular respiration process.

Without cellular respiration, your body would cease to operate, resulting in the shutdown of your organs, limbs, and every other part of you that contains cells. Because the main function of cellular respiration is creating energy, you wouldn’t be able to function without it. You would no longer be able to metabolize food, repair your DNA, or transport important molecules to various parts of your body.

Can NAD+ IV Treatments Improve Cellular Respiration?

One of the main jobs of NAD+ is to help your body metabolize food and convert it to energy. Sound familiar? This is essentially the same function as cellular respiration. NAD is the main ingredient involved in cellular respiration and is what allows the process to occur. Therefore, NAD+ IV treatments can improve cellular respiration by increasing the amount of NAD present in your body. NAD+ IV therapy sends NAD+ directly into the bloodstream and gets it to the cells that need it most.

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