Can You Enter Casinos and Shows in Las Vegas With a Negative Covid Test?

The U.S. is back on its feet, and people are things starting to get back to normal. One of the biggest industries that were affected by Covid and that’s benefitting from reopening are casinos. No one needed casinos to open up again more than Las Vegas. If you’re planning a vacation to Las Vegas and hope to attend casinos and shows, it’s a good idea to get Covid tested before going. It’s a better idea to have a negative COVID test in Las Vegas than to deal with being sick while you’re visiting.

What to Expect When Visiting Las Vegas

Let’s take a look at what to expect when you get to Las Vegas and how the city is protecting its inhabitants from Covid 19.

  • Should I be Vaccinated?

Everyone’s had the opportunity to get vaccinated at this point. If you haven’t already, then it’s strongly encouraged that you start the vaccination process before attending large indoor gatherings. If you’re at all familiar with casinos, then you’ll know that large indoor gatherings are an everyday occurrence.

  • Can I Enter Casinos Without Being Vaccinated?

At this point, casinos do not require the people who enter therein to be vaccinated or have any proof of vaccination. While it is still strongly recommended and encouraged, vaccinations are not yet needed to attend casinos and shows.

However, it should be noted that the fewer people that are vaccinated, the more at risk everyone is of contracting Covid. If an epidemic once again starts up in Las Vegas, regulations and restrictions may get much stricter.

  • Will I Need to Wear a Mask?

Those who are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated must wear a mask while indoors. If you are fully vaccinated, however, no mask is required. The exception to this rule is regarding public transportation, in which case, everyone should wear masks, regardless of vaccination status.

  • How Many People are Allowed in a Casino at Once?

As of now, there are no restrictions on the number of individuals allowed inside a casino at any given time.

How to Get Covid Tested in Las Vegas

If you want to make the most of your vacation and stay safe in the process, it’s a good idea to get a negative Covid test before and after your trip to Las Vegas. Additionally, if you start to feel Covid symptoms during your trip, you should get tested immediately. The best way to get a quick and reliable Covid test in Las Vegas is through Drip Hydration. Drip Hydration will come to you and test you at the convenience of your hotel or casino. Stay safe and get Covid tested to make the most of your Las Vegas experience.

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