Can You Get COVID Test Results in 15 Minutes in Washington DC?

How long does it take to get COVID test results in Washington DC? This can be confusing because there are two testing procedures available, referred to as COVID tests. The first, called the DFA or direct fluorescent antibody test, can detect the presence of coronavirus within 15 minutes, but it does not differentiate between types of coronavirus. This means that this test will help diagnose someone, but it won’t tell you what type of infection it is.

Rapid Covid Testing

If you are concerned about a potential case of covid, there is an alternative to waiting several days for lab results. The Covid Rapid Test delivers preliminary test results within 15 minutes. Several major metropolitan hospitals have adopted Covid testing as their preferred screening tool for suspected covid patients.

The process for rapid covid testing is similar to that of other rapid tests. Results are available immediately, so if your doctor suspects covid, they can begin treatment right away. Rapid Covid Testing offers hope and help to those with suspected cases of coronavirus.

Where Can I Get 15 Minute Covid Test Results in DC?

Any clinic that offers covid testing will generally be able to obtain 15-minute covid test results in DC. They are located across Washington DC. Additionally, pharmacies provide quick tests as well as walk-in labs and urgent care centers. As testing continues to improve, DIY kits are becoming more affordable and accessible too. Beforehand make sure your test is effective for covid, so you don’t have an inconclusive result at home. It’s always best to consult with your physician before getting tested so they can go over any complications that may arise if you do have exposure to the virus. Doctors can also help determine whether it is necessary to take immediate action.

If you know there is a potential risk of contracting coronavirus; you must wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Try not to touch your face when possible, especially when traveling or in close quarters. Although these precautions aren’t always possible, practicing good hygiene is one way to avoid getting infected by the coronavirus.

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