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Can You Test Your Employees Before They Get To Work In Chicago?

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused employers to test employees for Covid in Chicago. More and more employers now require their employees to either provide proof of the Covid vaccine or a negative test before coming to work.

Like other cities all over the United States, Chicago knows how important it is to help prevent the spread of the virus. They want their employees to feel safe coming into work. Many employers even wish to offer onsite Covid tests to all of their employees.

All employers should encourage the recommended Covid-19 safety protocols. Practice social distancing, wash hands often, and use hand sanitizer; wear a mask when close to other employees and stay home if you are sick.

How Does Onsite Testing Work?

An employer can set up an onsite testing event at their workplace. You can use a company that specializes in these types of events. They will come to your work establishment and set up easy access for your employees.

Certified nurses will administer tests. A sample will be collected from the employee using a nasal swab, and all measures are taken to ensure the sample is not contaminated. They can give the results to your employees in as little as 10 minutes.

Onsite testing will show your employees that you take this virus very seriously and are willing to do whatever is necessary to keep them safe and Covid free. Rapid testing provides highly accurate results in a very short time frame.

Where Can I Find Covid Testing?

You can call Drip Hydration Mobile IV Therapy. They are a company that knows convenience is key when wanting certain types of testing and treatments. They employ certified nurses who will come to your worksite and efficiently test employees for Covid in Chicago.

The professional employees will also help give you the latest information on keeping your employees safe on the job by explaining the most current Covid-19 protocols. You can be confident, as an employer, that you have done everything to help your employees feel safe at work.

Call Drip Hydration to schedule your onsite event. They know what is needed to provide your employees with proper care and treatment. The nurses can perform 100s of tests and will answer any questions you may have about the testing.

Onsite Covid Testing For Businesses With Drip Hydration

Onsite testing, where a testing service comes to your place of work, is an expedient option for businesses and employees. Drip Hydration can bring fast and convenient tests to your business, helping you keep your employees safe and Covid out of your workplace.

We look forward to helping keep you and your staff safe. Give us a call or click the button below for a custom consultation today.