IV Shots (Injections) & IV Infusion Bags

IV shots and IV infusions are two different methods used to give the body a vitamin boost.

IV shots are a single injection that delivers a potent dose of an ingredient (such as Vitamin B12 or glutathione) into the body. These are often given as an add-on alongside an IV infusion, but can be administered as a standalone treatment.

IV infusions are a minimally invasive medical procedure that uses a catheter and IV infusion bag to deliver a cocktail of ingredients directly into the recipient’s bloodstream. Treatments typically take 30 – 45 minutes, although some ingredients (such as NAD or monoclonal antibodies) take longer.

Drip Hydration is now offering delivery IV treatments in Brooklyn and Long Island for hangovers, hydration, immune support, anti-aging, and more.

Drip Hydration is excited to announce that we are now offering IV delivery treatments in NYC up to the Bronx in Manhattan.
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