Improve Your Staff Well-Being With a Corporate Wellness Program in Vail

As successful business owners, one of the most important things we can do is take care of our employees and make sure they are happy and healthy to be productive when they work. Not everyone realizes that employee productivity and efficiency are tied directly to how happy and healthy they are on the job.

One way to improve employee health and morale is by instituting a corporate wellness programs for your staff and possibly their families.

How does a corporate wellness program work? 

A corporate wellness program is something you sign up for that brings services to your employees that improve their overall health and productivity. Typically it is similar to an event sponsored by the company. Services come to the workplace and are offered to the employees based on the specific program you select and the needs of your employees.

The programs aren’t designed to treat specific illnesses or problems but to provide general wellness and stress-reducing services.

Employees also have the freedom to pick out of the services available such as IV therapy, wellness booster shots, and massage services; they can choose which ones they would like to take part in.

By regularly scheduling these types of programs, you can ensure that your employees are staying in peak form, and it’s a way to show your employees that you appreciate the work they put in for your business.

Customized Corporate Wellness Programs with Drip Hydration

Keep employees’ health a top priority and increase workplace productivity with our on-site wellness services.

  • Help your team relax by offering massages and facials from our licensed professionals. (Only available in select markets)
  • Custom IV Drips that boost energy and immune health to optimize workplace productivity.
  • Our wellness shots provide an immediate source of energy, immunity, and other beauty and health benefits

Appointments only take a few minutes. Contact us today and let us create the perfect program for your team!