How Are Covid-19 Regulations Affecting Local Businesses In Sacramento?

As Sacramento eagerly looks forward to the end of the pandemic, many are wondering when and if businesses will recover. Businesses unable to open due to Covid-related regulations, such as gyms and beauty salons, experienced devastating losses, with some even being forced to file bankruptcy.

For those businesses that have been able to maintain modified operations, the “New Normal” has brought them success. Some entrepreneurs have even launched new businesses by centering operations around the unique pandemic needs of patrons, such as online ordering and contactless delivery.

When will we be back to the “old” normal?

In order for regulations to be lifted safely, herd immunity must be reached. This means that enough people are protected by antibodies from vaccines or getting sick to prevent the virus from being transmitted easily. The estimated percentage required to reach herd immunity from Covid-19 is between 70-80% of the population.

Based on current vaccination trends, experts predict California could reach herd immunity as early as Fall 2021. They caution that this timeline is reliant on vaccine distribution, which could be delayed by disruptions in the vaccine supply chain and shortages.

The importance of testing for Covid-19

Sacramento business owners preparing to reopen may wish to consider incorporating employee testing into their workplace safety plans. Regular testing of staff allows you to send infected employees home and prevent an outbreak. It also allows you to create contingency plans in case someone tests positive, like having a trained back up crew who can step in and keep business running smoothly.

How to test employees

Because it can be difficult to get test appointments through Sacramento county testing sites, employers have looked to alternate methods of testing employees.

  • DIY PCR test kits: These kits are currently available for purchase from retailers, or in bulk directly from the labs that produce them. Samples must be mailed to a lab, resulting in extending turnaround times from 3-14 days. Employers should also note there are numerous rules surrounding employee rights regarding testing, and ensure employees have signed the appropriate waivers and forms before distributing tests to employees.
  • DIY Rapid test kits: The FDA recently authorized a rapid test for emergency use by the general public. These tests process results in 15 minutes. Ellume kits are not yet on shelves as they are still being produced. Kits are expected to debut at a higher price, and then gradually reduce to roughly $30 per test once shelves are fully stocked. (Note that rules regarding employee rights and confidentiality around Covid-19 testing are similar for all types of tests.)
  • Onsite testing: Business owners looking to keep their focus on their business may want to consider working with an onsite medical service provider like Drip Hydration to handle their employee testing. As healthcare providers, they have access to rapid tests already. You can arrange for a nurse to visit your workplace and administer tests to all your employees.

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Drip Hydration Can Help Safely Reopen Businesses In Sacramento

If you are interested in onsite Covid-19 testing for businesses in Sacramento, reach out to us today to discuss how we can help you navigate the required forms and waivers required to test your employees, and also help you avoid costly mistakes in your policies. We handle all supplies for testing, from the tests themselves to the PPE required to avoid transmitting the virus.

If someone tests positive, our clinicians can advise you and your employee on what steps are next to prevent an outbreak and resume operations quickly. We offer both group and ongoing progressive discounts, so our services are less expensive than you think. Call us today to find out more about our tailored service plans!