Can You Get Covid-19 More Than Once?

After you’ve recovered from a nasty cold or the current season’s flu, you can’t get it again – at least for a while – because your body produces antibodies that recognize the invaders and prevent them from taking hold. No one wants to get Covid-19 more than once, much less twice, but is this even possible?

Can you get Covid-19 more than once?

When you contract Covid-19, your body produces antibodies that recognize SARS-CoV-2 and prevent the virus from taking hold. As a result, most people won’t get Covid-19 again.

However, there have been some reported cases of people getting Covid-19 more than once. Although it currently seems that reinfection is a very rare occurrence, scientists still do not know how likely it is that you can be reinfected or how long immunity from antibodies lasts.

Even if you’ve been sick, it’s important to stay vigilant and continue social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and wearing a mask or other face covering while out in public.

Can you catch a variant of Covid-19 after being sick once?

In addition to the rare possibility of getting reinfected by the same strain of Covid-19, several countries have reported new variants that have adapted to infect people more easily. With the growing numbers of SARS-CoV-2 variants around the world, it’s possible that even if you developed antibodies against one strain, you can still get sick from another.

Can current Covid-19 tests detect these variants?

Most current RT-PCR tests in the US are designed to detect at least two parts of the virus’s genome. If there’s been a mutation in one part of the genome, there is still another genome that the test can detect.

Labs around the US will continually work to update and refine their tests to make sure they can quickly and accurately detect Covid-19 regardless of which variant you may have.



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