What’s The Safest Way To Get Tested For Covid-19 During Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season has brought its usual problems of flooding and closures to Miami, as well as something new this year – closures of Covid-19 testing sites. How can you get tested for Covid-19 during hurricane season when testing sites aren’t open?

What should I do if my Covid-19 testing center is closed?

If your testing center is closed, remember that Miami has many different clinics and centers where you can get a Covid-19 test. You can find a list of testing centers, which include the hours of operation and the types of tests offered, at Miami’s Covid-19 Testing Site Finder.

If you can’t find any testing centers that are open, or if you don’t want to brave the latest tropical storm, you can also get an in-home Covid-19 test.

How does in-home Covid-19 testing work?

In-home Covid-19 tests are a fast, easy, and convenient way to find out if you have the virus without having to leave your home. The process is simple. A nurse comes to your home with everything necessary for the appointment and administers the test. You can get the RT-PCR or rapid antigen test to detect an active infection. You can also get an antibody test if you want to know if you previously had an infection.

If you had a rapid antigen test, your results will be processed onsite with results available in 15 minutes. If you had a RT-PCR or antibody test, the nurse will take your sample and ship it to the laboratory. Your results will be given over the phone within 3 business days of your test, along with a consultation and further advice if your test does come back positive.

What about DIY testing kits?

DIY testing kits are another way to get a test when community or clinic testing sites aren’t open. These kits can be purchased at select pharmacies or delivered directly to your home by mail. You are responsible for administering the test yourself using the included instructions and then mailing your sample back to the laboratory indicated by the kit. Your results will generally be available within 3 business days.

Currently, rapid antigen and antibody tests are not available for home use.


Safe In-Home Covid-19 Testing With Drip Hydration

If you want to get a Covid-19 test but your local testing center is closed due to hurricanes and/or flooding, Drip Hydration can help. We bring your appointment directly to you so you don’t have to brave the elements or potential exposure to Covid-19 at your local testing center.