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How To Get A Rapid COVID-19 Test For Your Kid

Although children appear to be less affected by COVID-19 than people of other ages, it’s still possible for them to get sick with this virus.

There were 741,891 total child COVID-19 cases reported, and children represented 10.9% (741,891/6,837,527) of all cases up to 10 Oct’ 2020. (source: AAP)

If your child has been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms, you may want to know how you can get a rapid COVID-19 test for your kid.

How To Get A Rapid COVID-19 Test For Your Kid

Getting a Rapid COVID-19 test for your kid is as simple as going to your local testing center or clinic. There, your nurse will perform either a throat swab or a nasal swab and collect a sample from the back of your child’s sinus cavity. They will process the sample on-site, and your results will be ready in 15 minutes.

Is it safe to do a rapid COVID-19 test for your kid?

Yes, it’s safe to do a rapid COVID-19 test on children.

When to do a rapid COVID-19 test

You should have a rapid COVID-19 test done if:

  • You or your child has been exposed to someone who has COVID-19
  • You or your child is showing symptoms

Can you do a rapid self-test?

At this time, rapid DIY tests are not available for home use. You can get a DIY RT-PCR test kit, but you will need to send your test sample to a lab for processing. Your results will typically be available within 3 days.

What should I do if there’s a positive case at school?

If there’s a positive case of COVID-19 at school, we recommend that you follow your school district’s guidance and consult with your child’s doctor for your next steps.

Learn More: COVID-19 Resources for Schools, Students, and Families

Some parents may choose to keep their kids home from school with remote learning. Ultimately, this decision is a personal one that comes down to what risks you’re comfortable with – especially if you have older people or individuals with preexisting health problems living in your home.

Is in-home or a testing center a better option?

In-home testing has several advantages over testing centers. Since in-home testing is performed in a familiar environment, this test may be less stressful for your child. In-home appointments on your time and schedule are also a time-saving convenience, as you don’t need to wait in line at a clinic or drive-in center.

In-home appointments are especially valuable if your child is sick or if you’re busy working from home. You’ll receive the same quality of care as a local testing center – all without having to leave your house.

In-Home Testing Makes Getting A COVID-Test For Your Kid Easy

If you want to get your child tested for COVID-19 safely, quickly, and in a comfortable environment, in-home testing with Drip Hydration may be right for you. We bring your rapid antigen test to you for 15-minute results. Our friendly nurses wear medical-grade protective gear and practice social distancing as much as possible for your safety.