Tips For Waiting In Florida Covid-19 Testing Lines

Following the spike in positive cases this fall, long lines at Covid-19 testing centers have meant hours-long waits for some Floridians. These tips for waiting in testing lines can help make your testing experience as pleasant as possible.

1. Check that you have all of your documentation before you go

Before you head to your testing center, make sure to check the following so you can get tested:

  • Whether the testing center requires an appointment
  • The types of documentation you need for your appointment
  • Whether your appointment requires a doctor’s note
  • The types of tests available at the testing center
  • Whether your testing center is closed due to inclement weather

2. Bring water and snacks

It’s always healthy to stay hydrated, as we’ve talked about before. With some testing sites reporting 1 – 2 hour waits or more, it’s best to bring something to eat and drink just in case you wind up waiting in a long line.

3. Bring something to do

Whether you’ve been meaning to catch up on a book, make that call to an old friend, or play some levels in your newest phone or handheld video game, you may be waiting to get tested for a while.

Similarly, if you have children, make sure that you keep them entertained while waiting in line. Whether your kid needs to get tested or you simply can’t leave them at home alone, make sure that your child has something to do while you both wait for the test.

4. Top off your gas tank

Although it’s extremely unlikely you’ll burn through an entire tank of gas while waiting at a drive-in center, it’s best to arrive with at least half a tank of gas. You don’t want to run out of gas while in line and have to add ‘call roadside assistance’ to your list of things to do while trying to get tested for Covid-19.

5. Don’t forget a spare charger and/or battery pack

If you’re waiting in a car, make sure to bring an extra power cord so you can keep your devices plugged in and powered up. If you’re walking into a clinic or urgent care center, a battery pack can help make sure you can stay connected and entertained while you wait.

6. Come prepared for the weather

We all know how Florida weather is, but make sure to check the weather forecast before you leave regardless. Waiting in line at a Covid-19 testing site can be tedious as it is. It’s best to come prepared for whatever the day’s weather may bring so you don’t wind up waiting in line while soaking wet.


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