What Is A Covid Booster Shot And How Can It Help You?

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected each individual in the world and changed many things that we used to do easily, like traveling or going to shows and concerts. Due to scientific breakthroughs, the Coronavirus vaccine was developed efficiently. However, like any virus, the Coronavirus has mutated, and now several variants are threatening our return back to normalcy. Since the effectiveness of the vaccine decreases over time, a Covid booster shot can help you protect yourself and those around you.

What is a Covid Booster Shot?

According to John Hopkins Medicine, a Covid booster shot is an additional dose administered to fully vaccinated people against the Coronavirus. This does not mean that the initial doses are not effective. It is normal for vaccine effectiveness to decrease over time, and a booster shot is needed to prolong the protection against the virus.

Booster shots are administered after the effects of the initial dose of the vaccine starts to wane, as ongoing studies on the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines have found. These booster shots help keep your immunity active for longer, which will help keep your body ready to combat Covid infections.

According to Yale Medicine, talks about administering booster shots are gaining traction because of the different mutations or variants of the Coronavirus. The Delta variant, in particular, is surging right now. Studies show that this variant is more contagious than previous variants. There have also been cases of fully vaccinated individuals getting Coronavirus, otherwise known as breakthrough cases.

The good thing about these breakthrough cases is that most fully vaccinated individuals show mild symptoms or are asymptomatic.

Booster shots mean that people who got Pfizer or Moderna vaccines will get a third dose, and people who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will get a second dose. Booster shots are not a new concept – a great example of this is children’s immunization schedules. Children receive a vaccine schedule within a specific timeframe because the extra doses will prolong the effects of the vaccine and protect them better.

What are the benefits of a Covid booster shot?

Getting a booster shot does not mean that the first doses are not good or don’t work. After a certain amount of time, the efficiency rate of any vaccine decreases, and a Covid booster shot is needed to prolong the effects of the vaccine so that you can be protected for an extended period of time.

Protects you longer

Current studies show that the initial doses of vaccines tend to wane after six months. Since the virus is mutating and is not showing signs of eradication, individuals will need a longer protection period.

Helps you do your part to curb the spread of the virus

Ensuring that as many people as possible have the strongest available protection against the virus can help break its chain of transmission. The more people who have the vaccine (or a booster shot, where appropriate), the less opportunity that the virus has to spread.

Helps protect those around you

Similar to the point above, the longer that you are vaccinated, the less chance you have of contracting Covid-19 and passing it to friends, family, or coworkers.

When and where can I get my Covid booster shot?

The rollout for booster shots is currently being recommended to immunocompromised individuals and the elderly. According to the CDC, you can get your booster shot after six months from your last dose of the Coronavirus vaccine. Your healthcare provider will reach out to you if it’s your turn, and as we go along, more and more groups will qualify for the Covid booster shot.

Individual states may also have separate recommendations and rollout timetables, so it’s important to check with your local health agency to see their recommendations and whether you are eligible.


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