How To Organize A Covid Safe Bachelorette Party In Cabo

We’re getting back to the point where people are throwing parties and weddings again. But, Covid-19 is still a pressing concern. It’s important to make sure you are taking safety precautions. You don’t want your party to accidentally get your friends sick! Therefore, we will provide you with advice and tips on how to throw a Covid safe bachelorette party in Cabo.

Bachelorette party tips

Custom face masks are a great option for bachelorette parties. Not only will they help keep everyone safe, but you can even make them celebratory! You can get your names, tiaras, or even a common theme printed on them. Face masks are a proven method for keeping yourself and others around you safe from Covid, and now you can make them fun, too.

You can also boost your health with a spa day experience. One option is to have a group immune-boosting IV treatment with a mobile service like Drip Hydration. You will get all the bonding and relaxation of a traditional spa day with the added benefit of a supercharged immune system. A combination of B vitamins, C vitamins, and the antioxidant glutathione can help you to fight off illnesses before they even start. IV treatments also detoxify your body, improving the appearance of your skin, hair, and nails – perfect for your big day!

You can also take steps to minimize your exposure to strangers. A private retreat will keep things personal and intimate. Luckily, Cabo is right on the ocean and has lots of beautiful beaches and resorts. You could even take a private boat out onto the water for maximum privacy.

Keep Covid away with onsite tests

Of course, one of the best ways to make sure you and your party are safe is with Covid testing. It’s important to know if you or anyone in your party has Covid-19 to ensure that they don’t spread it to anyone else. Your guests will appreciate the fact that you have their safety in mind.

There are two main kinds of Covid tests: PCR tests and antigen tests. PCR tests are slower but more accurate, while antigen tests are faster and less accurate. However, some PCR tests are now much quicker than they used to be, and rapid options provide results within an hour or two.

The best option to not disrupt your Covid safe bachelorette party in Cabo is to utilize mobile testing, in which the nurses come to you. This prevents unnecessary annoyances and hassles for your party.

Covid Tests For Bachelorette Parties With Drip Hydration

Drip Hydration is dedicated to providing convenient health and wellness wherever you are. We offer mobile IV therapy and can help you easily plan an immune-boosting spa day. We have a variety of other IV therapies, as well, including hangover and dehydration blends.

Our mobile Covid tests are quick for peace of mind. We even offer a rapid PCR test, which combines speed and convenience. All of our tests and treatments are administered by trained nurses.

Book us today for your Cabo bachelorette party; we will keep your party safe and sound, and our unique services may have your guests raving!