How Crowded Are Covid-19 Testing Sites In Atlanta?

The state of Georgia is quickly approaching 500,000 cases of Covid-19, and the spread of the virus is sure to accelerate with holiday travel and the colder months keeping people indoors. Getting tested can help control the spread of the virus if you have symptoms or think you’ve been exposed to someone who has Covid-19. How crowded are testing sites in Atlanta?

Are testing sites in Atlanta crowded?

It depends on where you go. Some people seeking to get tested waited over an hour in line following the Thanksgiving holiday, even with an appointment. Lines at testing sites in Atlanta are likely to get longer as we get deeper into winter, however, as holiday travel is fueling a new Covid surge across the state.

Where can you get tested in Atlanta?

There are many sites offering tests in Atlanta, including clinics, drive-in centers, community centers, urgent care centers, and some university campuses. Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) is offering free Covid-19 testing in Fulton, Gwinnett, Dekalb, and Cobb counties. You can also find a full list of testing sites through the Georgia Department of Health testing site finder.

Due to the increased demand of Covid-19 tests during the holidays and winter months, it’s best to prepare to wait even if you have an appointment. Make sure to bring snacks, drinks, and something to eat to stay both comfortable and entertained.

Can you get a DIY Covid-19 test?

DIY Covid-19 tests can be purchased at select pharmacies, and some companies can send the test kit directly to you. At-home testing has many advantages, particularly in that you do not need to leave your home and risk exposing yourself or others to the virus. In-home tests also save you time, since you don’t need to sit in Atlanta traffic or wait in line to get tested.

Although the exact contents of a DIY test kit will vary from one manufacturer to the next, all kits will include everything you need to collect a fluid sample and send it to a lab for processing. Your results will generally be available within 3 business days, although the recent increase in the demand for testing may cause delays.

DIY testing kits are an extremely convenient option for some people. However, you can only get the RT-PCR test for in-home use at this time. A licensed clinician must perform rapid antigen and antibody tests.


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