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How is the Delta COVID Wave Affecting Businesses in Cincinnati? 

The Delta variant has been causing some concern among our communities, especially in cities like Cincinnati and surrounding areas, where the cases have been rising in a so-called ‘second wind.’ In November 2021, Delta case numbers accelerated above 6,000 in Ohio, with hospitalizations increasing by 23%. Many of our regular lives have been affected by the delta variant, and businesses in Cincinnati are encouraged to look at how to adapt to these changes.

What is Delta?

There are some key differences between the earlier forms of COVID and its counterpart, the Delta variant. While the initial transmission of COVID was high, Delta is much more contagious, approximately 2x more. It has also been shown to produce more severe symptoms, therefore increasing the number of hospitalizations. Since the vaccination, data has found that the unvaccinated are more likely to get the virus. However, vaccinated individuals can still get it. Those who are vaccinated will likely experience less severe symptoms and are less likely to be hospitalized.

What Can Businesses Do?

In larger cities like Cincinnati, businesses in downtown areas are used to high traffic and many customers. With COVID, many people opt to stay inside to prevent interacting with anyone who may test positive for the virus. Businesses should encourage the CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of illness, such as having tables be distanced further apart, encouraging wearing masks, and having more outdoor space if possible. Offer your customers carry-out or pick-up services or limit the number of customers in the building. While these can prove challenging, they will keep your customers safe.

Cincinnati’s government page also offers relief programs for those who have been strongly affected. The RESTART Task Force provides information about places that will provide personal protective equipment. The City of Cincinnati has launched a permit to allow restaurants to expand dining service areas. For a list of resources, click here. Businesses should also consider providing their customers and employees with resources if they begin to feel ill. Encourage them to get tested and inform them of local places they can do so. You can also provide information on at-home testing provided by companies like Drip Hydration, which will allow people to stay home and is completed by a medical professional. We also offer group discounts and corporate testing, which can be booked by contacting us directly.

Fast And Accurate Covid Tests At Home

Drip Hydration offers testing in many major US cities. When you schedule your appointment at your preferred location, one of our registered nurses will come to you to administer the test. We can test groups and families at a discounted rate and provide same-day results for your peace of mind.

Getting tested is crucial to our community’s health and preventing the spread of the virus. Don’t wait to get tested – make an appointment with Drip Hydration by clicking the button below.