Is The Delta Covid Strain Present In The US?

The Delta variant is a major Covid-19 variant present in the United States identified by the WHO and CDC as having a significant impact on the spread of the pandemic. The fourth major variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, its rapid spread led to a significant spike in infections, especially in California, New York City, and Florida. This article briefly outlines the origin of the Delta variant in the US, how it differs from other strains, and how it spreads so fast.

The Delta variant in the US: its origin, variation, and spread


The Delta variant in the US (also called B.1.617.2) originated in India in late 2020. Over the following months, it spread rapidly to other countries, including the United States. By mid-2021, it was the dominant strain in the US and other countries like France, the UK, and Germany. Today, the Delta variant is now the dominant strain in the United States and accounts for 99% of all new infections globally.


The Delta variant is different from previous variants in how it interacts with human cells. A slight difference in its spike proteins causes it to infect cells more efficiently, leading to faster infections. While the symptomatic effects of the virus remain similar, rapid spread makes the Delta variant a significant cause for concern.


The Delta variant in the US exponentially spread as people caught it and spread it to their networks. This surge in infections, plus the relaxation of lockdowns and travel restrictions, led to the second wave in mid-2021. Today, it continues to be the dominant strain for all new cases reported.

The Delta variant in California, New York City, and Florida


Delta variant California infections began peaking in early August. By the last day of that month, 8,353 confirmed Covid cases lay in the state’s hospital beds. Although this number has halved over October, there is no telling whether historic resurgences will occur again, especially as winter approaches.

New York City

The Delta variant currently accounts for 93% of all new infections in NYC. Although the city has recovered from the last major spike from December 2020 through March 2021, current figures show that delta infections are still steady at around 200 per day, which might be favorable for healthcare facilities but a point of caution for individuals living in or visiting in the city.


Florida currently has the highest number of cases in the United States, with current figures standing at 3.65 million, or close to 8% of all cases in the US. Data from the CDC indicate that 99% of these cases are Delta variant infections. Falling vaccination rates, coupled with the approaching winter, might set the stage for another surge over the following months.

Getting Tested For The Delta Variant

The Delta variant in the US has emerged as the most infectious and dangerous of all previous strains. Its rapid spread and rapid onset of symptoms have led to thousands of hospitalizations and deaths. Getting a Delta variant Covid test is an effective way of protecting yourself and your loved ones. Due to its rapid delayed or no-symptom spread, only viral Covid testing can catch it before it manifests, by which time it is too late to stop its spread.

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