Do You Need a PCR Test for Domestic Travel?

When many countries closed their doors to international visitors, travel came to a screeching halt. Although each country handled domestic travel differently, many restrictions were in place that made travel difficult. In the United States, domestic travel rules vary from state to state.

What States Have Travel Restrictions?

If you plan on traveling domestically in the United States, it is essential that you check the restrictions on the state you are visiting. The states that have travel restrictions currently include:

  • Hawaii: Travel restrictions have remained extremely strict throughout the pandemic. In the early stages, Hawaii shut its doors to most travelers. However, travelers can visit either with a negative COVID test that was taken within 72 hours of the final leg of the trip or if they are fully vaccinated and received the last booster at least 15 days before visiting.
  • Washington DC: Travelers who are unvaccinated and plan to stay in DC for longer than 24 hours are asked to get a COVID test.
  • Maine: Travelers from the nonexempt states must complete a ten-day quarantine and fill out a travel protocol form.
  • New Hampshire: Although travel restrictions have been lifted, testing is still recommended
  • California: Travel to this state is not restricted, but larger events have several restrictions.


If you have traveled or plan on traveling, it is a good idea to do a PCR test for domestic travel. In the event that you have been exposed, it is best to be on the safe side. Testing before leaving and coming home would be a wise idea, especially if you visited highly populated areas.

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