What’s The Easiest Way To Test Your Employees For Covid In Chicago?

As an employer, you want to have your employees back in the office, but you also want to make sure they feel safe enough to return. Fortunately, testing for Covid at the workplace has become more common and much easier to gain access to. It is easy to set up events at your place of work where you can have your employees tested onsite. This is a great way to help your staff feel you genuinely care about their safety. Read on if you are an employer who is interested in testing employees for Covid onsite in Chicago.

How is Covid testing done?

Regular Covid tests are a great precaution you can take to prevent Covid from entering your workplace. Combined with other safety measures, such as social distancing, mask wearing, and hiring a professional cleaning service, you can assure your staff that you’ve taken every measure to protect their health.

Onsite tests are simple. Certified nurses come to your workplace, administer the tests, and provide your employees with the results in as little as 15 minutes (depending on the type of test you choose). They can handle hundreds of tests a day for large organizations.

There are two different types of testing available for onsite Covid testing.

  • The standard PCR test detects RNA specific to the Covid-19 virus. This test has high accuracy, and the results are available within three business days.
  • The rapid antigen test detects the presence of specific proteins located on the exterior of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This test is less sensitive than the standard PCR test, but results are available in as little as 15 minutes.

Both of these tests give effective results and peace of mind that your employees will appreciate.

Should I purchase DIY Covid test kits?

Some employers opt to distribute DIY test kits to their staff to self-administer. They are then responsible for packing and shipping the test kits, then distributing results in compliance with employee privacy rights.

You can get standard PCR and rapid antigen test kits. Although these tests are accurate, there is always room for error when tests are not administered by a medical professional. For example, you may not be getting the best possible sample, or you may accidentally contaminate the sample without even knowing you did.

Professional services are always the better option to know if you are infected with the Covid virus.

Where Can I Get Professional Onsite Covid Testing?

Drip Hydration makes onsite testing for businesses easy. We will come to your workplace and administer Covid tests to your staff. Our nurses will handle all aspects of testing so that you don’t have to. Give us a call or book a consultation test your employees for Covid onsite in Chicago. We’re ready to help make your business safe for your staff and customers alike!