How to Get Your Employees Tested On-Site in Cincinnati

Returning to work while juggling the anxieties of COVID-19 can seem like an enormous task for both employee and employer. While many businesses recognize these, work is slowly returning to normal, and employees should feel supported throughout the process. This includes providing them education, a safe environment, and resources to get through the pandemic. Companies in larger cities with a higher volume of staff, like in Cincinnati, should be exercising key prevention methods and frequent testing to prevent the spread in the community.


If your employees are returning to an office building, consider staggering the number of employees allowed in the facility at one time. This will help you follow social distancing measures and will likely make your staff feel more comfortable. If possible, it will enable a work from home option. Encourage people to wear masks and stay home when they have any symptoms of COVID. Common symptoms of COVID include:

  • Coughing
  • Fever
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Body aches and fatigue
  • Congestion

If your employees have been around anyone who has tested positive, have them tested and quarantined immediately. Symptoms may not be prevalent until up to two weeks after exposure. Other options to promote healthy habits in the office include having hand sanitizer frequently placed in the office and having meetings done virtually.

Testing Types

One of the most important things we can do to help prevent the spread of the virus is to get tested. If your staff feel any virus symptoms or know they have been exposed, they should get tested as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are several different types of tests available in various methods.

Currently, there are two different types of COVID-19 tests available. They are called molecular and antigen tests. Molecular tests look for the specific virus, while antigen tests look for the proteins made by the virus. Both will inform you if you have COVID. However, it should be emphasized that the sooner the test is taken, the more accurate the results. There are also antibody tests, which look at if a person has previously had COVID. Antibody tests do not look at any potential current infection.

Where to Get Tested

Let your employees know where they can get tested and how often you would prefer they get tested. If you are an employer with staff that frequently travel, you may want to look at testing more often. If you mandate a testing frequency, be transparent about it with your employees. Similarly, if you require them to report these results, ensure they with the company and the health department.

Provide your staff with local resources on where they can get tested. Although some require information beforehand, many local pharmacies, community centers, and clinics offer rapid tests. Have information sent out in an e-mail or the office where employee covid testing in Cincinnati can be done.

DIY testing is another option that your staff may opt for. These kits are available at many retailers and pharmacies over the counter. While these are a great resource and allow us to have more frequent testing, it should be emphasized that getting tested by a professional is the most accurate method. Since testing requires nasal or mouth swabs, individuals may not recognize how far back they need to go to get an accurate sample.

On-Site Testing

Employers can also choose an on-site testing option. Many companies, like Drip Hydration, offer testing services that will come to your business and allow for many people to get tested. This is a convenient option for your staff, as they won’t need to worry about taking time off work or arranging transportation with busy family schedules.

Different testing options are available, as well as group discounts. A certified nurse will complete the testing and provide you with results in as little as fifteen minutes, depending on the ordered type of test. This can give you peace of mind and encourage testing among your staff as an employer. Take your employee’s health seriously and schedule your Covid testing in Cincinnati today!


Safety Comes First With Onsite Tests

It is crucial to give your employees the resources and information they need to remain safe during a pandemic, especially if you all intend to return to the office or often interact with community members. Consider offering them an e-mail or brochure with Covid safety and testing information, and post reminders to hand-wash often.

As an employer, it is important that your employees know you prioritize their safety and that you are taking all possible precautions to prevent a Covid outbreak at work. Contact us today for a custom consultation to provide your employees with onsite Covid testing!