How To Get An Employee Test On Site In Connecticut

As a business owner, you want to make sure that your employees are safely able to return to work during the pandemic. One of the best ways we can support employees and their loved ones is to provide resources and tools that will enable them to be as healthy as possible. Giving them information about where to get an employee Covid test in Connecticut will be valuable in keeping everyone in the community safe, and thankfully there are many different ways to be tested, allowing them to choose the best for their lifestyle.

Testing resources in Connecticut

While there are many different places that have employee Covid tests in Connecticut, it can seem a bit overwhelming to try and establish where to go. Below are some places to consider researching that may have locations close to you. We recommend calling ahead of time in case an appointment or reservation is required.

Local testing sites

  • 2-1-1- Connecticut: This website has data on the current Covid cases, the latest updates, and where to find both a testing and vaccination website. Simply enter your zip code and search for a location near you.
  • CVS Pharmacy: CVS has several sites around the state that will not charge for a test. They have more than one type of test available but vary by location.
  • Go Health: Go Health has 18 urgent care centers in Connecticut, many with Saturday and Sunday hours, including holidays. On their page, they include the typical wait times at the center.
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy: Rite Aid Pharmacy has several locations that offer free testing for ages 4+ on the same day. They have both at-home and mail-in testing.

This is not an exclusive list of locations available to you or your employees. We encourage you to look at your county’s website for other nearby testing sites as many hospitals, churches, community centers, and other organizations that are offering testing space.

Self-reporting kits

Self-reporting Covid kits are available at many pharmacies and stores. These often vary in price from $29-$100+ and come in the form of a nasal swab or saliva test. Some of them are available over the counter, while others require a prescription. If your employees choose to do self-reporting kits, ensure they know where to report their findings, such as to their healthcare provider or county health department.

At-home testing

Drip Hydration offers at-home testing in Stamford, New Haven, and Hartford, Connecticut. These services are ideal for families who may not want to travel to different testing sites or maneuver around making several different appointments for friends and family.

We have mobile, on-demand Covid-19 testing that is completed by a certified nurse. There are discounts for families or individuals, scheduling within 24 hours, and quick results.

On-site corporate testing

This is a great option to provide your employees, as it allows them to not worry about scheduling their own visits or testing and is conveniently located at the workplace. Workplace testing also helps detect an active case of Covid-19 before it has the chance to spread.

This option serves the following benefits:

  • Hundreds of employee tests can be completed daily
  • Scheduling available in 24 hours
  • Results in 1-2 days
  • Flexible corporate rates and discounts
  • Rapid antigen results in 15 minutes
  • Testing completed by certified nurse

Onsite tests are an excellent choice to provide for your organization and will allow your employees to be tested without worry about missing out on work.


Safety Comes First With Onsite Tests

It is crucial to give your employees the resources and information they need to remain safe during a pandemic, especially if you all intend to return to the office or often interact with community members. Consider offering them an e-mail or brochure with Covid safety and testing information, and post reminders to hand-wash often.

As an employer, it is important that your employees know you prioritize their safety and that you are taking all possible precautions to prevent a Covid outbreak at work. Contact us today for a custom consultation to provide your employees with onsite Covid testing!