How To Get Covid Employee Testing In Fresno

During any large-scale pandemic or season, it is important to focus on employee safety. As your employer, you want your employees to know they can trust you to keep them connected with pertinent information and follow guidelines that keep them protected. If you’re located in Fresno, you’re likely interested in learning more about options and resources for Covid tests in Fresno. With a variety of testing options available, we’ve compiled some Covid testing in Fresno resources that you can provide your employees.

Fresno Covid testing locations

Luckily, there are several different locations and options for getting tested. We encourage both employers and employees to choose what best serves their lifestyle or schedule. Many more options are becoming widely available and can change at any time.

Local testing options

Fresno City College

Testing is available from Tuesday-Saturday but must be scheduled by registering online. They request you come alone and to call if you are interested in getting a child tested.

Fresno County website

Check the Fresno County website frequently to view a multitude of testing sites and other Covid resources. This also includes upcoming events that will offer Covid tests, making it convenient for community members who are actively involved.

Rite Aid

Rite Aid offers several Fresno locations for Covid-testing and was created in collaboration with the California Department of Public Health. They also offer testing in the surrounding areas. You can begin by answering a few questions at Project Baseline.

Hospitals, urgent cares, or physicians’ offices

Have your employees check with their primary care doctors or nearby urgent care centers to inquire about testing options. People may feel more comfortable getting tested by a physician they have worked with over many years and trust. Other smaller pharmacies may also have testing options available.

On-site testing

On-site testing with Drip Hydration is an excellent option for employee Covid testing in Fresno. It is available in a variety of locations in California, including Fresno, Clovis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. We offer on-site testing at your workplace, which provides many benefits, such as:

  • Completing hundreds of tests a day
  • Quick scheduling
  • Having tests administered by a certified nurse
  • Minimal disruption to your work day
  • Minimal disruption to your employees’ schedules

Nasal swab results are available within 1-2 days, and rapid antigen results are available in fifteen minutes!

Some other benefits of on-site testing include allowing employees to be conveniently tested without having to worry about scheduling conflicts or traffic. It is available at many worksites such as offices, warehouses, or retail stores. If you hold a large corporate event, this is a great option to have for attendees.

Employee safety

Testing is one step of many that keep our employees and communities safe. If you have an office space or are holding an upcoming event, ensure that you are following and enforcing safety precautions. Some ideas include:

  • Posting signs as a reminder to frequently wash your hands
  • Communicating social distance guidelines
  • Questionnaires for those who enter the building or event
  • How to appropriately wear a mask
  • Steps to take when feeling ill


Protect Your Staff And Business With Employee Covid Testing In Fresno

As the Covid-19 virus has evolved, so have regulations and safety precautions. Keep yourself and your employees up to date on the most recent information and ensure they are educated about necessary safety measures.

Inform your staff about Covid test in Fresno options, including what to do when symptoms arrive, such as and when they should immediately get tested. Remember that symptoms do not always show up, so it is important for individuals to get tested often if they are in close quarters with others.

On-site testing can be booked within 24 hours and provides your employees with quick results, allowing everyone to be more comfortable. Prevent the spread and book your onsite testing today!