Can You Get Employee Covid Tests In Miami?

Whether your company decides to work remotely, travels throughout the community, or works from an office, you want to make sure your employees are safe during the pandemic. There are a variety of methods that you can now use to find employee Covid tests in Miami that adhere to different lifestyles and needs.

Where to get tested

If you or an employee begins to exhibit symptoms, ensure that you get tested immediately. Remember that many symptoms do not appear for others, so if you hold an event or have several people interacting with each other, regular testing is ideal for preventing the spread.

There are a variety of places where you can get employee Covid tests in Miami. It can seem a bit overwhelming! Below are some of the resources where you can find a testing location near you.

Miami County Website

This county website has a zip code search engine that will find the closest locations to you. Many locations have offered their space for testing that you would not typically think of, so this search engine is highly useful!

Walgreens Pharmacy

Several of Walgreen’s pharmacies have drive-thru testing. You must complete a questionnaire and schedule a time to go. The test is completed in your car via nasal swab.

CVS Pharmacy

CVS is also completing Covid testing. You must schedule ahead of time, and they note that it is currently a high demand for their service. You must first answer some questions to ensure you qualify for testing.

Hospitals, urgent care centers, and clinics

Another common resource for testing is to look at hospitals or urgent care centers in your area. Often, they will offer to test community members.

On-site testing

It can be difficult for employees to feel as though they must do research or run around while also working full-time. This can be especially difficult if they are managing children or family members. Plus, Miami weather (especially hurricane season!) makes on-site testing even more helpful.

What are the benefits of onsite testing?

With a mobile medical service, you can have an on-site visit scheduled quickly and efficiently for your entire staff. Onsite tests offer a variety of benefits:

  • Convenience for employees
  • Available for large and small businesses
  • Scheduling can be done within 24 hours
  • Hundreds of tests can be done in one day
  • Different available testing options
  • Rapid results
  • Discounts and flexible corporate rates are available

With on-site testing, a certified nurse will come to your location of choice (office, corporate location, retail, etc.) and complete testing. In Miami, both nasal swab and antigen results are available and will provide you with quick results.

  • Nasal swab results are available in 1-2 business days
  • Rapid antigen results are ready in fifteen minutes
  • The rapid Accula PCR can return results within 30 minutes

As an employer or organization looking for employee Covid tests in Miami, it’s critical that you offer information about the pandemic to your employees and make them feel supported. There are other options available for Covid testing, such as over-the-counter testing kits or visits to their physicians’ offices. Ensure that they report any positive results to prevent the spread of infection. Consider offering a questionnaire for large events and posting safety reminders, such as regular handwashing.


Drip Hydration Brings Testing To Your Workplace

Drip Hydration offers on-site testing for businesses in Miami. We ensure all appropriate parties get adequately and professionally tested. Not only does this make testing more accessible for your employees, but it also provides you with reassurance that you are minimizing the risk of spreading the virus. Contact us to schedule a consultation for onsite Covid tests for businesses in Miami.