How to Test Your Employees for Coronavirus on an Ongoing Basis in Washington DC

If you’re wondering how to test your employees for Coronavirus, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today! Let’s get started! The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of coronavirus tests, blood testing and nasal swabbing (covid).

Types of Tests

The tests conducted are blood tests that show whether someone has been infected with Coronavirus. There are currently two types of tests used, one of which is antibody-based while another is PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction based. The PCR test will only be effective if carried out within 14 days of being exposed to Coronavirus. If you wait beyond that time period, then only blood antibody tests can be done.

Ongoing Covid Testing

Make sure that you use a reputable lab to perform ongoing covid testing for employees in DC. Testing for Coronavirus allows you to identify infected workers before they enter your place of business, so you’re able to deal with them accordingly. It is also possible to preemptively screen those who come into contact with those identified as positive, which ensures all areas are regularly updated and safe for customers and other staff members.

A further benefit of ongoing covid testing is that it can improve employee morale. Those who know they will be screened before entering work are less likely to feel singled out or ostracized by their co-workers or employer.

When it comes to testing, you should never rely on a single screen. Many infected do not display any visible symptoms of illness, which means their illness could be easily missed during screening. A single test is only likely to detect visible illnesses; therefore, those taking part in ongoing covid testing must be tested regularly over time. Ongoing covid testing allows you to identify any potential infections as soon as possible and quarantine those affected.

Why Ongoing Covid Testing is Important

Coronavirus has been in and out of headlines. While it spreads outside hospitals and nursing homes, it can wreak havoc on vulnerable people or who have compromised immune systems. What’s more, there is no reliable cure or treatment available—and conventional tests are subject to false negatives, making them unreliable ways of detecting contagious patients. All of which is why ongoing covid testing for employees in DC might be a smart way to protect your staff from contracting or spreading Coronavirus.

COVID19 Testing in Washington DC

The Coronavirus Influenza is a tricky virus because it can present itself as nothing more than a common cold. It spreads easily through coughs and sneezes, but because you can’t see it (like you can with other flu viruses), you may be spreading it without knowing it. That’s why offering COVID19 testing to Washington DC businesses of all types is important.

Here’s how COVID19 works: Blood is drawn from one employee who does not exhibit any symptoms of illness, then that blood sample is tested against a control group that already has antibodies for COVID19 in their system. If their blood samples come back positive for viral activity, then your entire office should be screened immediately—before they potentially become infected themselves. Luckily, there is a way that you can protect your Washington DC employees from catching or spreading COVID19. It’s called office-wide COVID19 testing.

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