How to Get Your Employees Tested For Covid in Toronto

One of the biggest logistical challenges that some businesses face right now, thanks to Covid, is figuring out how to get their entire workforce tested at the same time. If you only have a few employees, this may not be that difficult, but if you have a workforce that is quite large, then it can be challenging to find somewhere that can handle that many tests at the same time, especially when the actual tests are hard to come by in some cases.

The best option in these cases is to look outside the standard options like grocery stores and pharmacies and find someone with the equipment and the training to handle a large group of people.

Use a Professional Testing Service

Thankfully, with the rise in cases and the need for testing, there are now professional companies that can handle large groups and test them safely and efficiently. In most cases, they will likely employ a rapid antigen test to quickly test and get the results back for a large batch of employees. This has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to handle a situation like this.

Contact Drip Hydration Today For Your Covid Testing Needs

We know that getting your employees tested and making sure everyone is healthy is an important part of your business. Not only can you get back to doing whatever business you do, but you don’t have to worry about your health and safety. That’s why we here at Drip Hydration offer corporate Covid testing services for when you need to make sure that your employees are safe to work and Covid 19 free. Contact us today to set up your testing date.

Test Your Employees With Drip Hydration

Same-day testing for employees in Houston and surrounding areas is a great opportunity to show your staff that you care about their health. We will consult with you to develop a custom plan that is right for your workplace and can perform hundreds of tests in a single day. We also provide ongoing plans for employers who want to make regular testing part of their “new normal” routine.

Make employee safety your priority, and book a consultation today!