Five Ways To Boost Your Energy In Washington DC

Do you find yourself traveling in the nation’s best cities, like Washington, D.C., only to find yourself running out of fuel but not wanting to waste your time sleeping? Eager to see the Museums and historical buildings, but just want a nap? Check out our five best ways to boost your energy in Washington DC and give yourself a pick-me-up to finish getting through your workday or trip.

Five ways to boost your energy in Washington DC

These five methods can give you a boost of energy in Washington DC while touring or working in the area, or when you feel a little tired during your workday. Experiment with what vitamins or sleep schedule works best for your body. Most importantly, listen to what your body wants and try to find the best balance.

1. Eat high-energy foods

Eat foods with a low glycemic index, which means you can avoid a sugar crash later. Foods such as whole grains, nuts, and high-fiber vegetables will help keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Eat healthy sources of protein and fats, such as olive oil, and avoid processed foods.

2. Avoid sugar

Sugary foods are more likely to cause you to crash later. While they will temporarily make you feel full of energy and awake, they do not provide long-term fuel for your body. Try to avoid things like soda, candy, or on-the-go snacks that may have hidden sugars.

3. Take vitamins

Vitamins are a great natural energy booster. If you’re not a fan of taking pills, they also come in easy-to-chew gummies. Some good vitamins to consider if you are feeling drained are:

  • CoQ10: This vitamin is critical for your body’s development of energy. All cells have this enzyme, so you can imagine how important it is. If you have low levels of CoQ10, you will often feel fatigued since your cells cannot make the right amount of energy. This is especially detrimental to your heart, kidneys, and liver.
  • Vitamin B12: This vitamin keeps nerves and blood cells kickin’ and transforms our food into energy. It is typically found in animal proteins or meat/dairy products; however, most of us also need the extra boost and don’t get enough from food and drink.
  • Iron: Iron is responsible for creating hemoglobin in the body, which carries oxygen from the lungs to tissue and organs in your body. Iron is often found in meat products, so if you aren’t a meat-eater, this vitamin will be crucial for your body as a supplement or vitamin.

While these are certainly not the only vitamins available to help your body produce energy, they can get you started. Make sure you consult with your physician to ensure you won’t be taking unnecessary supplements and to customize what your body may need most.

4. Get enough rest

Make sure that you are getting the appropriate amount of rest for your body. Every person is different in the number of hours they need to feel rejuvenated the next day, so try to establish what works best for you.

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, consider taking supplements like Melatonin to help you sleep and try to stay away from computer or phone screens before bedtime.

5. Get a mobile Energy Boost IV treatment

While we know this option may sound intimidating, we promise it’s not! Mobile IV treatments are an excellent option in the DC area for getting the best combination of fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins to quickly give you what your body is lacking.

Further, this formula is specially blended with Vitamin B12, C, and B-Complex vitamins. This takes out the guesswork of what types of vitamins you may need to supercharge your energy levels.

The best part? You don’t need to go anywhere as treatments can take place wherever you are staying in the city.

Quickly Boost Your Energy In Washington DC With Drip Hydration

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