How To Safely Organize An Event During Covid-19 In New Jersey

If you are trying to organize an event during Covid-19 in New Jersey, the governor’s recent announcement that restrictions are lifted for indoor spaces and venues was probably a huge relief. Although regulations are lifted, however, many still need to exercise caution until community immunity is reached. Read on to learn more about how on-site testing can help keep everyone safe.

Understanding your rapid testing options

The go-to test of most free public health sites and healthcare providers is the RT-PCR test, which requires lab processing to produce results in 48-72 hours. Although the turnaround time is extremely inconvenient, this test is the most accurate test available, making it an excellent choice for someone who needs accurate answers and has time to wait.

Events don’t have the luxury of time and need same-day results, so let’s discuss your rapid testing options.

  • Rapid antigen tests: Less accurate than RT-PCR tests, with a 1 in 5 false negative rate. However, they deliver results within 10-15 minutes, making them a valuable choice for screening large groups quickly.
  • Rapid Accula tests: These produce results within 30 minutes, but with the same accuracy as the RT-PCR test, providing the best of both worlds. These tests are excellent choices for large-group screening for events involving individuals who don’t benefit from vaccine immunity the same way most do (ie, people who have had organ transplants).


Drip Hydration Can Bring Rapid Testing To Your Event

Whether you are hosting a big or small event during Covid-19 in New Jersey, Drip Hydration can help make it safer. You can arrange for one or more registered nurses to set up a testing station at your event entry points. The nurses will handle all supplies and administer tests to employees, vendors, and/or attendees of your event. If someone tests positive, our experts can guide you on what to do next to keep everyone safe.

We also offer consulting services on steps you can take to make your event safer from Covid-19, such as how to lay out the testing area. We also offer progressive group discounts as well as ongoing contract incentives. Call or click the button below today!