How to Get Evusheld Therapy in Charlotte

After a worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, it has many people more concerned about their health than before. Many people are looking for ways to help prevent the Covid-19 disease. Besides the vaccine, there is also Evusheld therapy available. This treatment is now conveniently available to Charlotte residents. This article will teach you what Evusheld is and how it may help prevent you from getting Covid-19.

What is Evusheld therapy?

Evusheld therapy is also known as PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis. This is a medication that can help provide long-lasting antibodies in your body. It is a combination of 2 medications that are injected into the body.

Benefits of Evusheld therapy

Having Evusheld therapy can give peace of mind that you are more protected from Covid-19. Having the vaccine and this therapy can provide an extra layer of protection that some may need or want. It may help prevent the virus’s contraction or severe symptoms if it is contracted.

AstraZeneca has shown that Evusheld therapy can help the most against certain variants of the virus, especially Omicron and its sub-variants BA. 1 and BA.1.1.

In-home versus clinic treatments

Clinic treatments are available, but some may not want to travel to a clinic just to sit and wait for their name to be called. Another option is in-home treatments. You schedule an appointment online, and after an online medical consultation, a medical professional will travel to you and administer the treatment within the comfort of your home.


Evusheld Antibody Therapy with Drip Hydration

Authorized by the FDA under the emergency use authorization (EUA), EVUSHELD is a treatment that may prevent COVID-19 in eligible individuals.

EVUSHELD is a monoclonal antibody therapy that aims to prevent COVID-19 in adults and adolescents aged 12 and over who meet eligibility criteria. A single dose that consists of two separate injections provides long-lasting protection against the COVID-19 virus in individuals who are not currently infected with the virus.

Appointments only take a few minutes. One of our registered nurses will come to your location to administer the injection. Contact us today to get started!