How to Get Evusheld Treatment in Houston

There’s no question that Evusheld, the Covid-19 prevention treatment, has the potential to save lives and prevent the spread of the virus during an outbreak. But what if you live in Houston? Fortunately, Evusheld can be received at your home, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on treatment!

What is Evusheld?

Evusheld is a class of drugs called a monoclonal antibody. Monoclonal antibodies have been used for many years for cancer, arthritis, rheumatoid disease, blood clotting disorders, and other conditions. Monoclonal antibodies are proteins that target one specific substance (antigen), such as a cancer cell or infectious organism. They help your immune system fight an infection or disease. The FDA has approved Evusheld for SARS-CoV-2 prevention. It can be given by injection and works overtime to prevent you from getting Covid-19.

Getting Evusheld treatment

The primary way most people currently receive Evusheld is at a clinic, though in-home treatments may have become more popular in Houston. With in-home Evusheld injects, companies like Drip Hydration come directly to your home or office to administer Evusheld.

For those who choose to go with an in-home Evusheld treatment, they will provide you with an Evusheld injection. Simply schedule a time that works for you. Houston residents love in-home injections due to their convenience and comfort. While getting Evusheld injections at a clinic has some benefits (i.e., longer hours of operation), having them administered in your own home can make for less stress since there’s no need to miss work, find childcare, or travel long distances.

Evusheld Antibody Therapy with Drip Hydration

Authorized by the FDA under the emergency use authorization (EUA), EVUSHELD is a treatment that may prevent COVID-19 in eligible individuals.

EVUSHELD is a monoclonal antibody therapy that aims to prevent COVID-19 in adults and adolescents aged 12 and over who meet eligibility criteria. A single dose that consists of two separate injections provides long-lasting protection against the COVID-19 virus in individuals who are not currently infected with the virus.

Appointments only take a few minutes. One of our registered nurses will come to your location to administer the injection. Contact us today to get started!

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