How to Get Evusheld Therapy in New Orleans

As public places open back up and exposure to others returns to pre-pandemic levels, many are looking for effective ways to bulletproof their immune systems against COVID-19 and infection from its variants.

For many, Evusheld therapy could be a potentially game-changing option to decrease their risk of infection.

What is Evusheld therapy?

Delivered in two consecutive injections, this long-lasting antibody treatment creates a sort of protective barrier that wards against infection.

Evusheld is not a vaccine replacement but was specifically created for those unable to receive a traditional COVID vaccine. According to the data, clients that received treatment saw a 77% reduction in infection rate.

It also demonstrated effectiveness against the more contagious Omicron variant.

Who is Evusheld for:

Clients that would benefit most from this treatment would be those with a weakened or compromised immune system due to disease, anyone with an allergic reaction to the vaccine, or someone who may be on medication that affects their immune system.

How to get Evusheld therapy in New Orleans

While you could get this treatment at a medical office or clinic, many in New Orleans opt for personalized in-home treatment.

Having a medical professional administer this treatment in the comfort and safety of their own home helps to reduce the risk of outside exposure to COVID-19 while also being a more convenient option for busy people.

For an increasingly health-conscious group of New Orleans residents, in-home Evusheld therapy is a great option.


Evusheld Antibody Therapy with Drip Hydration

Authorized by the FDA under the emergency use authorization (EUA), EVUSHELD is a treatment that may prevent COVID-19 in eligible individuals.

EVUSHELD is a monoclonal antibody therapy that aims to prevent COVID-19 in adults and adolescents aged 12 and over who meet eligibility criteria. A single dose that consists of two separate injections provides long-lasting protection against the COVID-19 virus in individuals who are not currently infected with the virus.

Appointments only take a few minutes. One of our registered nurses will come to your location to administer the injection. Contact us today to get started!