How to Get Evusheld Therapy in Seattle

Evusheld treatment is fast becoming a powerful option for those looking to boost their protection against potential COVID-19 infection.

The beauty of this treatment is that it can be done in the comfort and privacy of your home.

What is Evusheld therapy?

Unlike a COVID-19 vaccine, Evusheld is a single dose delivered in two injections of antibody medication. Sent straight into the bloodstream, these lab-developed antibodies ward off potential infection for up to six months.

Based on clinical trials, patients that received treatment were 77% less likely to be infected as opposed to those that didn’t have it.

Who is Evusheld for?

This antibody treatment was created as an alternative for those unable to receive the traditional COVID-19 vaccine.

Evusheld is a powerful second option for individuals with a compromised immune system, taking immunity suppressing drugs, or allergic to the vaccine.

While not a replacement for the vaccine, many people utilize Evusheld as an added layer of protection for their immune systems.

Getting Evusheld in Seattle

Apart from the hassle of getting to a clinic and sitting in a waiting room for treatment at a medical facility, those that are immune-compromised could find the risk of additional exposure prohibitive. It’s for this reason many are opting for in-home Evusheld treatment. This therapy administered by a professional in the comfort of your home is worth considering.

For added peace of mind and increased safety and convenience, in-home Evusheld treatment could be a great option for many.