How Is Federal Funding Helping Sacramento Businesses During The Pandemic?

Last month, the federal government designated nearly 60 million dollars for Sacramento County to help respond to the pandemic. These monies come to the county through a grant for the California Department of Public Health intended to be distributed among local health departments. Funds first become available with a 25% advance on March 1st, and expire in July 2023. So, how are these funds helping Sacramento businesses?

How federal funds are helping Sacramento businesses

These federal funds come with conditions; they must be used to enhance public health functions. Previous monies from the Coronavirus Relief Fund had been given to the County Sheriff’s Office in a highly controversial financial strategy.

Officials are eager to avoid repeating the same mistakes of the past, and are applying the funds to help combat the virus and provide assistance to local businesses. Although the finer details of the plan for these funds is still being determined, officials have noted several uses for the funds, including:

  • Distributing vaccines more quickly once supplies are available
  • Increasing access to Covid-19 testing and enhancing contact tracing efforts
  • Assisting small businesses with tailoring operations to reduce transmission

While officials are excited to receive the assistance, it is important to note that these funds are reserved for the purpose of combating the pandemic.

Steps businesses can take to protect their customers and staff

Businesses looking to resume safe operations may wish to consider regular employee testing. Identifying people who are infected allows you to make arrangements to allow them to self-isolate and keep your business running without risking further outbreaks. As the Sacramento County Covid-19 website notes, people who have been fully vaccinated should still follow social distancing, isolation, and testing protocols to avoid spreading the virus to others.

Rapid tests, which return results in 15-30 minutes, are the most practical for use by businesses to test employees. DIY kits currently available at retailers are PCR tests which require lab processing, and can take 3-10 days to return results.

The first DIY rapid test kits were recently FDA-authorized for emergency use by the general public, and should appear on shelves in coming weeks. These tests are expected to initially have an inflated price as the first shipments hit shelves, but are expected to be priced at approximately $30 per test once adequate supplies are available.

Businesses looking for more of a helping hand may wish to work with an onsite medical services provider, like Drip Hydration, to test employees. These services will send a nurse to test everyone at your workplace. As medical professionals, we are already authorized to administer rapid Covid-19 tests. Having healthcare providers administer the tests and provide guidance in the event someone tests positive can help both employers and staff feel confident in their workplace safety plan.

Drip Hydration Can Help You Safely Resume Business

Contact us today for more information on how regular Covid-testing can help keep your employees and patrons safe. Our clinicians can help you address the risks of transmission and come up with practical solutions to work around them. We are also well-versed in worker’s rights laws and can help you avoid mistakes as you create a plan in the New Normal. Between our progressive group and extended safety plan discounts, our services may not be as expensive as you think. Call us today for a consultation!