How to Get a Food Sensitivity Test in Detroit

Nothing is worse than feeling terrible after eating a delicious meal. Some ingredients don’t sit well with everyone, and sensitivities to foods like dairy and gluten are becoming increasingly common. If you think you may be having a dietary reaction but aren’t sure what the culprit is, you may need a food sensitivity test

What is a food sensitivity test?

Food sensitivity tests are performed by testing the blood for certain antibodies to look for a reaction to different types of foods. This can help determine if you have a sensitivity or allergy to a certain food. 

Who needs a food sensitivity test?

A food sensitivity test may be recommended if you’ve been experiencing symptoms related to your diet. Some people experience obvious reactions to food when they have a “flare-up” of symptoms shortly after consuming a meal. Keeping a food journal can help you track what you’ve been eating to help determine what is causing the issue, but a food sensitivity test can more accurately pinpoint the problem. 

How to get a food sensitivity test

Getting a food sensitivity test isn’t too challenging. Simply visit your doctor’s office or an out-patient clinic to have the blood test done. There are also DIY and at-home test options that can be convenient for anyone too busy to travel to perform the test. DIY tests may require you to collect your sample and mail it to a lab. 

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