How to Get a Food Sensitivity Test in New York City

Food can have a profound effect on how our bodies operate. Even though we may not have an allergy to things in our diet, we may still be feeling negative effects caused by what is known as food sensitivity.

Although not life-threatening, the compound effect of multiple food sensitivities can wreak major havoc on your body’s health.

Symptoms of food sensitivity

After consuming certain foods, people with a food sensitivity may manifest symptoms that include:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Heartburn
  • Headaches
  • Irritability and nervousness

Benefits of a food sensitivity panel

If someone is experiencing symptoms or has a general suspicion that they may have food-related sensitivities should consider taking a panel.

A food sensitivity panel takes the guesswork out of determining what foods are negatively affecting your body and can give clear direction on what steps you can take to improve your help. This panel tests your immune response to various foods by taking note of certain antibodies in your blood.

Best way to get a panel done

A simple Google search will show over a dozen DIY tests you can take. Unfortunately, reviews from this have been mixed, with many saying that administering the test on their own was confusing.

For this reason, many in New York City are choosing to get their panels done by a medical professional via in-home testing. This ensures their results are accurate and someone can explain their meaning.

For many, food sensitivity tests have been a game-changer for their health. 

Let Drip Hydration Provide Your Lab Tests At Home In New York City

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