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How to Get a Food Sensitivity Test in Seattle

Food sensitivity can impact your quality of life if it goes undetected. It can cause you to experience many unwanted physical symptoms. Some symptoms can be headaches, nausea, stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhea, gas, or bloating. No one wants to deal with those kinds of symptoms. Luckily, some tests are available to test the body for food sensitivities or intolerances. These tests are now available in the Seattle area. You can greatly benefit from getting a food sensitivity test even if you haven’t had many of its symptoms.

What is a food sensitivity test?

Many people may be unaware that they even have a food sensitivity. A food sensitivity test will help determine what foods your body may be sensitive to. Getting this test done can help alleviate unwanted symptoms and help you stay healthier by knowing to steer clear of certain foods. The test will measure what foods create an immune response in the body. You may want to get tested if you have any of the previous symptoms.

How to get a test in Seattle

At home, DIY tests are quick and easy. These in-home food sensitivity tests are available in the Seattle area now. This is much better than going into a clinic to get a test done. Saving cost and time makes this option the most convenient for everyone. 

Schedule your at Home Food Sensitivity Test in Seattle with Driphydration

Drip Hydration allows you to test your food sensitivities and see what you should avoid in the privacy of your own home. It's a quick and easy approach to find out which foods you should avoid since your body doesn't tolerate them properly. Drip Hydration allows you to avoid going to the doctor's office by scheduling an appointment online or over the phone.

Setting up an appointment is straightforward, and once you do, our healthcare specialists will come to your home to collect samples for lab testing. Those lab tests are then brought to our labs, where we perform the tests and offer you with the findings, as well as an interpretation and recommendations on how to continue. Drip Hydration can perform a food sensitivity lab test at your house today!