How to Get Genetic Cancer Screening in Chicago

Most of us don’t want to think about getting cancer, but being prepared for it and catching it early are much better options than being caught by surprise. Unfortunately, with traditional cancer screening, you only catch cancer once it has formed or, worse yet, started spreading.
However, a different and more effective way to detect a person’s potential for cancer is by getting a genetic cancer screening done. This has several benefits that traditional screenings like prostate checks and mammograms simply cannot offer.

What are the benefits of genetic cancer screening?

Genetic cancer screening checks your entire genome to see if you are likely to develop cancer. This means it can check for cancer potential before it is found within your body. It determines your risk factors and the likelihood of developing cancer-based on your genetic makeup.

Not only does this help detect cancer sooner, but it can also check for multiple types of cancer at once, compared to the usual screenings for colon, prostate, or breast cancer, which only catch one type of cancer.

How to know if you should get tested?

Most of the time, patients are directed to get genetic testing if they show risk factors for cancer, such as family history. If you have several first-degree relatives, who have had cancer or know of a gene mutation, it is a good idea to get tested.

Genetic Cancer Screening With Drip Hydration

This service provides insight for those who want to know more about their risk of developing cancer, why it might be common in their family, or want to inform treatment options following a cancer diagnosis.

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