How to Get Genetic Cancer Screening in Nashville, TN?

Cancer affects millions of people annually and is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Because of how widespread cancer is and how it affects people’s lives, there is widespread awareness regarding screening, including genetic cancer screening.

What is genetic cancer screening?

Genetic cancer screening is a blood test that can help detect inherited gene mutations that can cause cancer. If you have a family history of cancer, the genetic screening will help determine if you have an increased risk of developing specific cancers in your lifetime.

What are the benefits of genetic cancer screening?

Because genetic cancer screening is considered an early screening process, your doctor can tell if you have a higher chance of getting cancer in your lifetime. Because this type of test is preventative, you will be able to make lifestyle changes or undergo preventative surgery to remove an organ or gland.

Routine cancer screening vs. genetic cancer screening

Since genetic cancer screening is more comprehensive, it can help test the inherited genetic variants that are associated with increased cancer risks, specifically for cancers that can be inherited. Genetic cancer screening is predictive testing that looks for inherited gene mutations that might cause cancer.

On the other hand, routine cancer screening entails checking your body for cancer before the onset of symptoms. The most common types of screening include breast, colon, and cervical. Early detection is preferred in any cancer case because treatment is more likely to work compared to the presence of advanced cancer.

Genetic Cancer Screening At Home With Drip Hydration in Nashville

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