How to Get Genetic Testing in Denver

Genetic testing is used to look at the human genome for irregularities in DNA. This blood test can be used for many different reasons. Some people undergo genetic testing during pregnancy to see if the baby may be subject to certain genetic mutations. This article will share more information about genetic testing and what to expect when having this type of test done.

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing can look at many different aspects of DNA. Some genetic testing looks for changes in the DNA, while other tests may analyze chromosomes to look for larger changes. Genetic testing is typically used to diagnose genetic diseases such as down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, and sickle cell disease.

Who needs genetic testing?

If you have one or more close relatives with a genetic mutation, you may want to get genetic testing done to assess your likelihood of developing the disease. Likewise, you may decide to get genetic testing done during pregnancy to assess your child’s risk of developing certain genetic disorders. If you’ve been experiencing strange symptoms and are trying to find a diagnosis, then genetic testing may be warranted to determine the cause.

How does genetic testing work?

Genetic tests can be done using a blood or saliva sample. Once the sample is collected, it will be analyzed in a lab. The sample will be looked at, and DNA will be analyzed for any mutations. These tests can help determine your likelihood of developing certain genetic conditions or mutations. 

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