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How to Get Genetic Testing in Seattle

If you live in Seattle and want to know what hereditary diseases you might be at risk for (whether you know your family history), you can get genetic testing at home or at a clinic.

This article will discuss genetic tests, their potential benefits, how they work, and compare them to standard clinic visits.

What are genetic tests?

Genetic tests are designed to identify potential indicators for hereditary health problems and any gene mutations you may have that are exclusive to your DNA.

What are the potential benefits, and how do genetic tests work?

Genetic tests will equip you and your doctor with vital information about your genetic risks for four types of heart disease and eight types of cancer.

Genetic tests are not just for people who are adopted or do not know their risk factors for hereditary diseases. Even if you know your family’s medical history, getting a genetic test can be a good idea. After all, your genes are unique, and genetic testing will give you more personalized information about your risk.

Genetic testing is done by collecting a sample of your saliva that is sent to a lab and analyzed. When the results are ready, your doctor will contact you to discuss the results and any next steps you may need to take.

In-home testing vs. clinic testing

If you choose in-home testing, a nurse will come to your home and collect the saliva sample. Clinic testing is another option, but you will lose time and energy commuting for such a simple, quick test.

Schedule your at Home Genetic Test in Seattle with Driphydration

Drip Hydration allows you to test your genetics and make sure you catch any possible conditions that could develop because of your DNA in the privacy of your own home. It's a quick and easy approach to find out what secrets your genetic code is hiding and make sure you address them beforehand. By making an appointment online or over the phone with Drip Hydration, you may skip seeing the doctor.

It's simple to schedule an appointment, and once you do, our medical professionals will visit your house to collect samples for lab analysis. These lab tests are then delivered to our labs, where we conduct the examinations and provide you with the results, along with an interpretation and suggestions for how to proceed. A lab test for food sensitivity may be done by Drip Hydration right now at your home!