How To Get Your Wedding Guests Tested For Covid In Chicago

Ever since the pandemic began in 2020, everything has been done differently. How we shop, how we work and even our special occasions have all changed. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you want all of your family and friends to be there. You want your wedding day to be perfect, and Covid tests can help make it a safe event. Let’s talk about how to test wedding guests for Covid in Chicago.

How to provide onsite Covid tests for your guests

In today’s world, every event has become a reason to worry for so many people. A wedding should be a place for making memories, not fret about becoming ill. If you offer your guests a rapid Covid test, they will feel able to be themselves and enjoy the night.

You can test wedding guests for Covid in Chicago with a professional testing service. You can schedule a mobile testing event at your wedding where all of your guests can get tested at the door. This is a great way to put all of your guests at ease, as tests can identify an active case of Covid whether or not the person has symptoms.

Once all tests have been administered and the results are in, the masks can come off and everyone can celebrate with peace of mind.

Can my guests test themselves?

You can always ask your guests to provide a negative Covid test result before they arrive at your wedding. However, this may not be the most convenient option for people due to long lines at testing centers and shortages of DIY kits.

Providing professional onsite testing at your event is the safest and most efficient way to have all of your family and friends screened before your big day.

Covid Tests For Weddings In Chicago With Drip Hydration

Having a testing event at your wedding with Drip Hydration is a great way to keep your big day Covid-free. Our mobile testing service will set up at your venue, and a certified nurse will administer the test to your guests and provide accurate results in minutes.

If you are interested in testing your wedding guests for Covid and live in Chicago, contact Drip Hydration today by giving us a call or clicking the button below to schedule a consultation.